How to drive fresh traffic to Your old and dead blog

How to drive fresh traffic to Your old and dead blog

How to drive fresh traffic to Your old and dead blog

You want to attract fresh traffic to your no longer active blog post? In this article we will learn on how to drive fresh traffic to Your old and dead blog?

Sometimes, it is so frustrating to see your posts in the blog have less and less traffic. If you have some posts that need traffic revival, these are 5 tips you can use to drive fresh traffic to your old and dead blog post:

1. To create a ‘classifieds’ section

If you have not already created this topic on your blog, you should start to create one. This is because this section is very useful to let your visitors know about blogs they should read.

It differs from the popular posts section, because the popular posts, just the posts that I’ve read many times. Popular posts are posts that you think are great for your visitors to read.

It can be taken out for new posts or old posts. This section will help you spice up traffic to your inactive post.

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2. Contact your old blog post in a new post

When you write a new post, you can direct visitors to your old post. This is a simple way to drive traffic to that particular blog.

However, this new office must match your old post, because if you just recommend a post for your visitors, while it is not relevant with the content of your post, no one will visit this blog post.

The more relevant the content the more people will come to check it out.

3. To write a sequel blog

Another trick to drive traffic back to your blog to write a continuation of the post, the post is a continuation of your previous post. If possible, you can write more than one subsequent posts, if the response from your readers is good.

You can see in the “comments” to see if they are interested in that other subsequent post or not.

When you have a few follow-up posts, you can create a series of these blog posts and make it sticky on your blog.

4. Disk some extra backlink to your old post

This method is good to increase more organic traffic to your old post. First, check the rank of your post for the keyword that you target. If it’s not on the first page of search results, figure out what section your post belongs to the old.

You can increase the rank of your old post, pointing more backlinks to it. It is better to put quality backlinks from popular and relevant websites so that you can immediately see the effect.

This will help you attract more traffic to your old post. However, if you want to succeed with this method, you have to control your rank from time to time.

5. Update your blog

The last way to drive traffic to your dead blog is to update it. Adding more Content, the search engines will reindex your dead post and give him the best place in the search results page.

Of course, you need to give your dead after significant updates to attract search engine bots to reindex your website.

Remember that search engines love fresh content, so it will help your post to rank higher, unless you upgrade it by adding some unique content.


These 5 tips you can use to drive fresh traffic to your old and dead blog. Little traffic, which you add to your inactive Posts will help you increase the overall traffic to your blog.

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