History of the world Cup in embroidered tapestry in a promotional bi-Bi-si to participate in the tournament

The world Cup happens once in four years, and each of them brings unforgettable moments that fans want to enjoy forever. Thanks to the cartoon “tapestry” created by bi-Bi-si creative and sports marketing bi-Bi-si Blinkink and animated, they can do it this year.

Bi-bi-si the 2018 world Cup promotional campaign: details of the tournament’s most iconic moments through embroidered tapestry, reproduced in the film. Each frame is individually embroidered with the entire tapestry, containing 227,000 meters flow up to 600 individual frames. “Tapestry” has players such as Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Paul Gascoigne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Harry Kane.

The film, which was directed by Nicos Livesey, takes viewers on a journey of iconic moments, reminding them that this year, as always, “done.”

“Choosing which feature iconic moments was a detailed process,” said Tim Jones, the creative Director bi-Bi-si creative. “Where do you start and finish with the most iconic tournaments in the world?”

The film is accompanied by traditional Russian folk song “dark eyes” what about unification and friendship, according to the statement. The world Cup, which starts in June, will be held this summer in Russia.

“The world Cup’s rich history, and our company brings to life some of his most memorable moments with a unique interpretation of the centuries-old Russian tradition, accompanied by traditional and religious music, which we all fell in love instantly,” said James parry, Director of marketing at bi-Bi-si Sports and events.

The visual style of the tapestry will be transferred across platforms bi-Bi-si in graphics, social media and more. The tapestry will be on display with highlights from the tournament in 2018 was added later.


The portfolio Manager of marketing James parry
Marketing Manager John Sprott
Marketing Director Helen Worsey

The Campaign Planner David Wheadon
Portfolio media Lead mark Jones

Executive Creative Director Aidan McClure
Director Exec Creative Laurent Simon
Creative Director Tim Jones
Creative Director James Cross
Creative Edward Asher
Creative Xander HART
Producer Liz Dolan
Project Manager Loretta Ramkissoon
The Production Coordinator Emma Hamilton
The head of planning Mike Lin

Director Nicos Livesey
Producer: Alex Halley
Executive Producer Bart Yates

Designer Luke Carpenter
Bi-bi-si the Head of creative design-Laurence Honderick

Composer Alex Baranowski
Vocals Sir John Tomlinson

Sound Design And Mix: Mark Hills And Anthony Moore
Manufacturer Of Audio: Lucy Spong

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