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Meaningful conversations and interactions are of paramount importance for brands on Facebook more now than ever before. With the de-emphasizing of likes and reactions giving way to the importance of shares and actual comments, blindly posting content for the sake of just “posting to post” is not enough.

It was one of the primary foci at the summit 2018 F8 in the current mission Facebook to create a social media platform that truly connects the users with not only each other but also with brands and companies they want to interact with.

Here are some important points for Multi-location brands with the largest social network to increase brand awareness, increase local presence and participation and turn passive viewers into buyers and brand supporters and advocates.

Exchange for stories from third party apps will start a meaningful conversation easier than ever. With the growth of “constructive engagement,” video content will continue to flood to the front for.

Facebook will be rolling out new methods for people to share videos on Facebook, as in the history of Instagram in order to make other platforms more easily available to your friends and family. To listen new songs Justin Timberlake on Spotify, for example? Click on the share button, publish to Facebook or Instagram History and connect in new and constructive.

Brand takeaway: it is recommended to use this feature to share more behind-the-scenes and on-demand Content. Depending on the application, this synchronization you want to increase Your participation in them. Sharing content on the fly, such as songs to play in your place, etc., will help in the future, starting and nurturing meaningful conversations.

Meaningful connections will now be easier to do through Facebook. With the introduction of a new tab group, navigation and communication with existing groups will be easier than ever. This will allow you to optimize the user experience, while on the platform and simplify the process of searching and finding user groups belong.

And speaking of streamlining processes Facebook, it would seem, eliminating the need to subscribe to Dating sites offering Dating Facebook. Users will be able to sync with like-minded people based on preference, Dating, common interests and common friends through the settings of Facebook profiles who are separated from their main profiles.

Brand takeaway: make sure all brand profile and presence on Facebook are current and accurate. Given these updates, users will be looking to interact with like-minded people. And if it’s based on interests, brands will become an integral part in the connection.

Privacy the question remains: speaking of privacy, as it was an important topic of interest surrounding Facebook and social media in General, F8 lost ad “clear history” function. In fact, this feature will allow users to clear any and all information collected from third-party sites and disable Facebook Is the ability to access and learn from it.

I agree, it may change users, news feed content and the ads shown within it, but this dedication to enhance Facebook to protect sensitive user information.

In General, the brand takeaway: based on the innovation platform, multi-location brands require a deep knowledge of the Facebook platform, as well as a deeper understanding of the software interface. In order to ensure that Your access is verified, make sure you chose the right Marketing partner of Facebook, how Facebook is changing and adapting to ever-changing social landscape.

There’s no way to know what Facebook eventually changed (whether voluntary or mandatory), and what the consequences will be for publishers at the world’s largest social network media. What exactly is that change will continue, and brands of all shapes and sizes need to be ready. So, isn’t it?

Afif Khoury is the General Director of the enterprise social media management Platform Sochi.

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