Google tracks your movements, even if you tell him to stop

  • Google tracks your movements, even if you tell him to stop
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    Google records your moves, even if you obviously this is not an investigation and found.

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Google records your moves, even if you obviously this is not an investigation and found.

Many Google services on Android devices and iPhones to store your location data even if You used the privacy setting, which States that it will prevent Google from it.

The researchers of computer science at Princeton University in the US confirmed the findings of the report.

For the most part, Google to ask permission to use your location information.

App like Google maps will remind you to allow access to your location, if you use it for navigation. If you agree, let it record your location over time, Google maps will tell that story for you in “chronicle”, which displays your daily movements.

Storing minute-by-minute travels carries risks to confidentiality and is used by police to locate suspects. However, the company will allow You to “pause” the option called ‘history’.

Google said it will avoid the company to remember where you were.

Support page tech giant on the subject States: “You can disable location history at any time. With history, place, places that you go no longer be saved.”

This is not true, the associated Press (AP) report found. Even with the history of the location on the pause, some Google apps are automatically stored time-stamped location data without permission.

For example, Google stores a snapshot of where you are when you just open the Maps app; automatic daily weather updates on Android phones to determine approximately where you are, and some that have nothing to do with location, such as “chocolate chip cookies” or “childrens science kits” to determine the exact latitude and longitude with accuracy to the square foot and save it in your Google account.

The issue of confidentiality affects about two billion users of mobile devices running Android software from Google and hundreds of millions of users around the world iPhone that rely on Google maps or search.

Storing location data in violation of the user preferences is wrong, said Jonathan Mayer, a scientist at Princeton and former chief technologist in the Bureau of enforcement of the Federal Commission for USA connection. A researcher of the laboratory Mr Mayer confirmed the findings of AP on several Android devices.

AP also conducted their own testing on several iPhones, I found the same behavior.

“If you want to allow users to disable what is called ‘history’, the place where you save the location history must be turned off. It seems pretty simple position,” he said.

Google insisted it was perfectly clear. He said: “there are a number of different ways Google can use the space to improve the experience of people, including: history, location, Internet and applications activities, and through the device-level services.

“We provide a clear description of these tools, and reliable controls to allow people to switch them on or off, and delete the history at any time.”

To stop Google from saving these location markers, users can disable another setting called “web sites and applications activities.”

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