Glanbia announces new cheese factory

  • Glanbia announces new cheese factory
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    Glanbia have announced details of their planned production of cheese and whey plant in Michigan.

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Glanbia have announced details of their planned production of cheese and whey plant in Michigan.

Glanbia biologically active additives, dairy farmers of America (DFA) and select milk producers Inc. announced that, subject to certain conditions, the City of St. Johns, Michigan as the preferred location for their new joint venture the major cheese and whey production.

It is now planned to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2020 at a price of $470 million.

The new plant will process 3.6 million liters of milk per day (8 million pounds) cheese (135,000 tonnes per year) and whey products for U.S. and international markets, employing around 250 people when in full production.

In addition, the partners acknowledge that it reached an agreement with ProLiant dairy products for the treatment of whey permeate. ProLiant will invest $85 million in a nearby facility, creating up to 38 jobs.

According to Glanbia, the preferred location in the city of St. John’s satisfies the main selection criteria from the point of view of strategic location relative to the milk transport means, a positive business environment and human resources.

This suggests that the partners engage state and city officials, and community leaders, to address issues such as cost, infrastructure and planning in order to finally make the decision.

Commenting on the announcement, Brian Phelan, chief Executive officer of Glanbia biologically active additives said, “the completion of the preferred location is an important step on our journey to deliver new ultra-modern dairy complex in Michigan. We want to thank the state and city authorities for their continuous support as you move as soon as possible to begin construction.”

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Greg Wickham, chief financial officer Khachatryan noted that the construction of this plant in St. Johns, not only the growing needs of the industry capacity in the Michigan plant, but it also adds value and supports our local dairy farm families in this area.

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