Fundraisers features Facebook has some New features

Facebook on Friday announced several updates to its feature charity events, highlighted by the ability for people to match their donations to non-profit fundraisers.

The social network also added four new categories for donations for personal reasons, and found that this will eliminate the fee platform for all charitable events for personal reasons in the coming weeks.

Facebook said that more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations use pages to create communities and connect with supporters, volunteers and donors, adding that more than 750,000 organizations are using their tools to raise funds and products.

Head of product, social good Asha Sharma contains more detailed information about the updates for fundraisers in the wording of the post.

Users who create fundraisers can now promise to match donations in any amount from $5 and$ 2,500, giving them, thus, to help build momentum for the work that they support. This tool is currently available in the United States, with plans to expand it globally.

Users of Facebook can now match donations for non-profit fundraisersFacebook

Four new categories for fundraisers for personal causes:

  • Family, such as adoption or new baby supplies
  • Belief, including religious missions, or community events
  • Travel, such as study trips or travel for medical needs
  • Volunteering, including volunteer programs and peripheral

Sharma wrote: “we are inspired by many ways of people gathered together to support each other in these social good deeds. In the coming weeks, we remove the duty of the platform to all the charity events for personal reasons, so that people can increase their support and fundraising. There will still be a small fee for processing the payment and the taxes.”

Fundraising for non-profit organizations or personal reasons, you can create here or through the fundraisers tab on the flagship mobile application for Facebook.

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