From pills to gadgets safe…Your essential guide to the best technology to improve the business post-summer

  • From pills to gadgets safe…Your essential guide to the best technology to improve the business post-summer
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    The best Android Huawei P20 Pro (€899 or subsidized from the network)

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The best Android Huawei P20 Pro (€899 or subsidized from the network)

If there’s one phone We tested that tops all rivals in the field of Android, it’s Huawei presented the 6.1-inch P20 Pro. Huawei has invested billions in trying to put together a sleek, ultra-powerful, battery-optimized mobile – and it shows. Its business hotel is a stunning long-life battery and the best screen of any smartphone on the Android (and probably on any phone), with edging of the OLED display.

The best Android Huawei P20 Pro (€899 or subsidized from the network)

Our test model came with 128GB of memory on Board, the most of any work-friendly Android phone in the market.

For protalkivaya between business applications, the phone has an unprecedented number of muscles, with OCTA-core processor and 6GB of RAM, a combination that blows almost any other phone. This is important not only for its ability to run heavy applications and software tasks, but in two or three years.

Another significant advantage P20 Pro has over everyone with his giant life of the battery, 4000 mAh, makes it untouchable in its class.

Outside, P20 Pro also features the best camera we have ever had on the phone with a 40 megapixel sensor, a 3x optical zoom.

2 Diskashur secure portable storage (€225)

Samsung used to own the market for the Android phone, but now it seems have lost.

Best iPhone for iPhone x (€1,179 or subsidized from the network)

On iPhone x is the best smartphone with one caveat: its battery life. Battery backup is decent but does not match that of some rivals.

However, the flagship of Apple’s 5.7-inch device is superior to almost any other set of functions, from leading the muscular engine is the perfect all-screen form factor. And long after the death of BlackBerry, the ecosystem remains the default for business applications. While you are unable to 80pc to 90pc of the same business applications on Android, iOS remains the platform of Your company will most likely use the introduction of the new system.

The main difference between the iPhone X and its companion iPhone 8 or 8 devices plus is the lack of frontal buttons. IPhone x uses a face ID (face recognition) instead. To date, x iPhone is the only phone on the market, where this technology is working quite flawlessly.

Microsoft Surface Hub (€7,700)

Mobile x-is also the only smartphone in the Irish market to offer 256 GB of storage, a great advantage for those who really want to work your tube as their true PDA.

Be forewarned, however, that Apple is going to present its new, updated model of the iPhone in a fortnight. This does not mean that on the iPhone x will cease to be a business phone, but it does mean that more powerful models to be introduced. (On the other hand, this means that this model will probably see a decline in prices for all up to €150.)

Watch: Samsung note 9 (€1,019 for pre-order)

In theory, the latest flagship phone from Samsung should be a contender for your next business phone. But we can’t recommend to do it.

In anticipation of its release, there are more questions than answers about the 6.4-inch Galaxy note 9.

HP EliteBook 840 G5 (€1,220)

Regular use over time will tell. But some early signs are cause for concern. Irish mobile operators have turned their noses in the Premium version, assuming there is enough interest in it here: typically, the top-end version of the new phones. This means that the note 9 with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB, which most will look like a standard installation, not here.

It may not help that Samsung is still trying to convince business users that range a phones left those catastrophic problems with overheating. Irish business users should remember that the company had to perform a full opinion in Ireland and around the world in 2016, when the attention is immediately caught fire due to faulty battery engineering.

To be fair to Samsung, it device the note 8 will not suffer the same overheating problems as in note 7. But it remains to be seen whether the functions of note 9 is to return the business users to the brand.

Security gadgets2 Diskashur secure portable storage (€225)

Every year thousands of workers laptops, phones, USB sticks and hard drives has been lost or stolen. Just last week, EIR acknowledged that one of the stolen laptops was wrongly deciphered. So if you want to store confidential data on hard drives or USB keys, is there a safe way to do this?

On Diskashur 500GB in 2 hard drive is about as safe as you can get, if you need to return stuff on a portable hard drive. Its main feature is that it is PIN protected. It is relatively simple to set up and protected (for “military grade”) using 256-bit technology. It even comes in several different colors.

Using the supplied USB 3.0 cable, its only drawback is that it’s a bit pricey.

The collaboration tools 1. Microsoft Surface Hub (€7,700)

Microsoft to take on the work of the cooperation gadget is a giant, wall-mounted touch screen. A much simplified version that is an advanced digital whiteboard where people can scribble import (Microsoft) in the App files and communicate with other people through Skype and Office.

It comes in two sizes: 55 inch and 84-inch models. Costs of almost three times more, but available with a 4K screen (the smaller one is limited to ‘filling in HD or 1080p).

Watch for deals on this piece of office technology in the coming months, as Microsoft recently announced its surface of the hub 2.

2. Google Jamboard (€5,750)

Google is working for its own hardware products (laptops chrome, home speakers, pixel phones and many other devices between them). His unit’s performance is no different. 55-inch Jamboard is very easy to use digital 4K Board that is designed to work effectively with Google g Suite of applications. Its main advantage over a rival Board touch screen is that it is for beginners: if you know how to use a tablet or phone, you’ll usually find it easy to use. And because it is the default in cloud is very easy to pick up where you left off. His only downside is that Google’s enterprise hardware business is not so well supported in Ireland, and Microsoft.

The best business laptopsLenovo ThinkPad X1 (€1,899)

As business notebooks go, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga is the top-of-the-line materials. From my testing, it has best-in-class keyboard, and awesome power (touch) display.

The only thing good is its battery life, which is only average (about five or six hours on a single charge).

From the point of view of design, it is a joy to use. Its 14-inch widescreen HDR makes it natural to work on two (or more) Windows at the same time.

Matte black inside of the laptop is great, while the keyboard is almost perfect – just the right amount to give (or “move” as the techies like to call it).

It’s not the light and thin laptop, but it is a very high level in both categories. It weighs 1.4 kg, yet is very lightweight for a 14-inch machine.

The test version I was already close to the top of the range: 16GB RAM, Intel i7 Chip and 512GB. Virtually any average business man needs to do is to cut it.

The display is one of the highest points. It revolves around 360 degrees to give you an opportunity, or a tablet or a screen that stands upright. Both are useful: if you are the Type to make a presentation or use notes during a meeting, something pills, as much more natural than awkwardly balancing a laptop in hand.

Similarly, turning the screen around so that it stands upright is a compact method when you need to go to video-conference calls and presentations at a table with colleagues. (This physical setting is also useful as a makeshift TV or video player on a plane or in a hotel room.)

As far as connectivity, it has two USB-c (with zipper) ports that can be used to power the device. There are also two regular USB ports and a HDMI port. No port SD card, which is a bit of a shame, but there is a 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

HP EliteBook 840 G5 (€1,220)

New HP EliteBook 840 G5 is very nicely designed. It’s thin, but sturdy, with its mixture of metal and plastic, giving it lightness and strength at the same time.

Its screen is very bright and sharp. 14-inch display on my test model (which was as much as 16 GB of RAM and Intel i7 processor) was the touch version resolution a ‘full HD’ (1080p).

The battery life of the laptop is also very respectable, easily lasting me around seven hours in the Internet, word processing and the use of video.

From the standpoint of connectivity, there are a few USB ports, and USB (thunderbolt) port and a 3.5 mm headphone port. Keyboard, the most important element, was also convenient and efficient to use.

Maybe the iPad Pro to replace the laptop?

One question that some business users ask: can a “Pro” tablet to replace the laptop? On the one hand, the attraction is obvious – a lighter, thinner device that can fit in any bag and can be recharged using a conventional phone charger. On the other hand, can a “Pro” tablet I repeat do normal daily tasks as effectively what used to be considered super-phone? Maybe one type is right? How can I mitigate the loss of cursor and the different Windows?

Latest Apple iPad Pro version is also went a long way to bridge the gap with a large number of software and UI changes.

Now you can drag files from one place to another, step changes for free. Apple recently introduced app files, also allows you to change workflow settings. You can store and work with documents and images stored locally on the computer or in a commonly used cloud services such as Dropbox, Box or iCloud drive.

In addition to the ‘drop’ and ‘files’, there is a new customizable Dock that provides quick access to frequently used applications and documents from any screen.

There is also the updated application switcher, which brings the gaps in iOS. This will allow you to switch between applications or a couple of active applications used in the split view.

And for those who can’t hack a smaller screen, the iPad Pro comes in two sizes: 10.5-inch and 13-inch.

Although I still use this laptop, I do most of my work (writing, research, photo editing, Office admin) on the iPad Pro. It’s still a bit slower in some tasks but much faster than others. And it is much easier to transport with you.

Finally, the Microsoft office applications work very well on the iPad Pro, the deciding factor for many business users.

To be a hybrid: a laptop with touch screen two-in-onefor Microsoft surface course (€719 with a keyboard)

Baby step between a laptop and ” for ” the tablet is two-in-one hybrid device.

A number of manufacturers (Dell, HP, Lenovo and others) make decent machines in this category, Microsoft went ahead. Devices the surface Pro combine above average aesthetics of the design, power and functionality that provide the best performance in a mixed Universe 10 on Windows.

They were all quite expensive, however, until the company introduced surface, its new 10-inch “to go” model.

If you are looking for ultra-portable notebook Windows that does not require a lot of power and it’s not massively hit your budget, this is one to watch.

The model I tested (€719 with a keyboard cover) was 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of memory, putting it on a par with many of the specifications of the laptop.

This version is much more capable than the entry-level €559 (keyboard) model, which sacrifices too much energy and storage for €170.

To my surprise, the power of the surface to go was fine. It uses lower-level chip, Processor Intel ‘Pentium’ gold ‘ than the “main” chip i3 or i5 you usually see. I was able to scroll through applications and functions in a very lively manner.

From the point of view of design, Microsoft has mostly managed. It is simple and elegant.

Seven apps to ignite workplace success1. Wetransfer (free up to 2 GB)

Sometimes we need to email or send a file over 10 MB, 20 MB, or that your email system allows. Often, this can be a PowerPoint presentation or similar. That’s where Wetransfer comes in. It allows you to download a huge file (up to 2GB) and e-mail notification that they can download it for free. This is a very useful alternative to bother with USB keys.

2. Slack (free with paid premium version)

If you work in a team, Slack is a very useful alternative to email. It includes a lot of the immediacy of the message with the structure of the semi-official Messages. This is especially useful when working on projects. No wonder so many people are at work now to use it.

3. Scanner (€3.99, iPhone only)

It is a combination of a scanner and photo-text translator. He turns the camera to the scanner for image capture with high resolution, which can then be mailed, merger, or were busy in some other ways as a PDF document. Then it can translate any text in a photo into editable text.

4. Gotomeeting (free with paid premium version)

It is free to join a meeting, but you must be a paid subscriber to create. This is for sharing and viewing documents in the conference, though different. You can upload all sorts of files and view them together as you say and operate on the Internet.

5. Evernote (free)

Evernote is still useful, partly because it runs directly opposite of almost every type of device, which means you can access all your notes, memos and documents (from years ago too) on any gadget you like. It also allows you to add voice notes, and images.

6. The Bank automatically (free with paid premium version)

Income and expenditure the Bane of a business person. It is very easy to use, well thought-out app to log bills, credits, receipts, mileage and other common expenses. It gives you additional functionality such as the ability to import expenses from credit cards or Bank accounts.

7. Microsoft word (free, but Office 365 Subscription required for full functionality)

Microsoft has long raised the game in terms of improving the app for iOS and Android. The word is actually very good, with lots of features and flexibility. As expected, it works well as a cloud sync service when you subscribe to Office 365.

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