Facebook turns to the Atlantic Council for the eyes and ears in future elections

A non-partisan think tank and public policy group of the Atlantic Council teams up with Facebook to help prepare social network for future elections.

Facebook global politics and government interaction Director Katie Harbath said in the news post on this social network, security, policy and product teams will work closely with the Atlantic Council of digital forensic laboratories to collect “real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and misinformation campaigns from around the world.”

The digital research group of the Atlantic Council monitoring missions are also bugged Facebook during the election and “other highly sensitive issues” for the social network to focus on a specific geographic area and to monitor potential misinformation, and foreign intervention.

Harbath wrote, “this will help to increase the number of ‘eyes and ears’ we work to identify potential abuse of our services, allowing us to more effectively identify gaps in our systems, to anticipate obstacles and make sure that Facebook plays a positive role during the elections in the world.”

She added: “we know that effectively addressing these problems also requires the right policy and regulatory frameworks so that governments and companies can help prevent abuse and ensure that people have the right to vote during the elections. Network of the Atlantic Council of leaders is in a unique place to help all of us to think about the challenges we will face in the near and long term”.

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