Facebook releases 3 functions, to make his stories easier to use

Facebook announced three new features that come in the history of Facebook, initially will be sold in India and then soon after global.

Photos and videos taken with the camera of Facebook will soon be able to be saved for people’s Facebook accounts, so those with limited space on their devices yet to remove the content.

These photos and videos can also be edited later, so people don’t have to stop what they are doing to prepare them. Facebook Director of product management at Connor Hayes said Josh Constine of TechCrunch, “saving photos and videos can be used to save what you might want to post later, so you don’t have to edit or publish them while you’re out with friends, and instead enjoy the moment in concert and share it later.”

Facebook users will also be able to share voicemails for their stories using the audio option in the camera Facebook.

The social network said it developed this feature because users are not always able to print messages, and some keyboards that aren’t in their native language.

Finally, at the present time the history of Facebook will disappear after 24 hours, but the social network found that people have invested a lot of time and effort to enhance their content with features like stickers and text, so testing the archive for users to save their stories.

More photos and videos disappear, along with the stories of their part, they will be available through the history files, only the user who created them, and people can opt out of having this content to their history archives as well.

Hayes said Constine, “we know that the performance and reliability viewing and publishing history is extremely important for people around the world, especially with slow connections. We are always working to improve the experience of viewing the history for all forms of communication, and we have invested here, especially on our Facebook app.”

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