Facebook has rolled out dynamic ads for lead generation for auto dealers

Facebook looked to start the automotive industry in November last year, when it introduced dynamic ads allow advertising on cars and the environment, social networks in combination of the two.

Business Facebook message, the social network announced the availability of dynamic ads for lead gen, which allow dealers to combine their catalogs car with lead generation forms for filling in potential car buyers.

Once the forms are filled, the wire can be shipped directly to the customer-relationship-management system so that the representatives of the local sales force can reach them.

Facebook wrote, “dynamic ads for lead generation can help businesses to communicate with potential customers with more relevant content ad and more personalized shopping trips. Dealers can use the dynamic ads for lead generation to create locally relevant ads. The allocation of inventory and allows people to sign up for a test drive right shape, You can improve the quality of your potential customers by attracting customers that are interested in your local sentences closer to the sale.”

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