Experiencing stress? 2 quick questions to overcome overwhelm

Oh, I’ll kill you!

Flood refers to the feeling of drowning under too many tasks and too many thoughts. When he comes, it’s hard to complete one task, not to mention ten.

You feel frantic, distracted, fuzzy, stressed.

You feel like your heart is heavy and your head is full.

So full, in fact, that he barely remembers new information. If an important thought POPs into your head, he quickly burst on the sharp edges of the mountain of mental clutter.

“They are two very simple, direct questions, but in the process of writing them down and then answering them immediately to improve the situation.”

Two questions. One goal.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed (or even just a few disturbing thoughts), I’m going to sit down with pen and paper and draw two columns. At the top of each column, I write a question.

In the first column I write: “what happened?”

Secondly, I write, “fix what?”

They are two very simple, direct questions, but in the process of writing them down and then answering them immediately to improve the situation.

How it works
The first column

When completing the “what happened?” column, just a brain dump. Don’t think about at the moment, just leave all the worries, no matter how large or small. Anxiety some anxiety, and we want to write them all down. Don’t judge. Just write.

The second column

Start to list the fixes for the issues. Actually, despite the title, “fix what?” may not be the exact solution for each problem, instead, there may be a small step or strategy which will manage or improve the situation is not corrected completely. This is normal. At least knowing what the problem is and doing something will help to reduce overwhelm.

Also, You don’t have to start from the top of the column and work your way down. Just solve the problems in any order that works.

Hypothetical example – Tom soloist graphic designer

The example below includes business and personal concerns, because the nature of micro business is the collision of two, especially when working from home.

(Note: “how can I fix it? column” I wrote in more detail than required. I did it to share thoughts Tom. However, you can simply write something like: “the answer in the morning writing ”.)

Why does it work?
Cleans up the mess

Write and answer these two simple questions gets things off your mind and on paper.

Gives you clarity and helps You make a more informed decision

To record their concerns, their thoughts can blur into one big, unmanageable lump, affect your ability to make clear decisions. Writing them down, you can see that even the biggest lump of anxiety consists of special fibres, each of which can be combed through the solution.

To regain control

Once you have filled in the first column, you’ll immediately feel more in control, because you can see black and white, exactly what you are dealing with. You are no longer floundering in a sea of nameless anxieties.

From broken, under control.

Next time you feel down, regain control by writing off your problems, along with steps to help fix or manage them.

You will again feel empowered by what is good for you and Your business.

What are your thoughts? Or, how do you deal with overwhelm?

I am wondering if there is a way to make this column a standalone thing for Insta? Prob need a more creative brain than mine (donn would know!).

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