Digital advertising outpaces TV in the US as the UK print livens up

  • Digital advertising outpaces TV in the US as the UK print livens up
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    To spend on digital advertising overtook television in the United States for the first time.

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To spend on digital advertising overtook television in the United States for the first time.

Last year the income of the Internet advertising in the U.S. will reach $88bn (€77bn), an increase of 21pc compared to the previous year, according to the latest ‘online advertising company’ report audit and consulting firm PwC and the interactive advertising Bureau (iab).

For comparison, TV advertising fell by 2.6 PC year-on-year to $70 billion (€61.5 billion) in 2017.

The main driver of growth of Internet advertising was the transition to mobile. Spending on advertising delivered on mobile devices amounted to $49.9 billion in 2017 in the United States 36pcs compared with the previous year, and marketers target a greater number of consumers using their mobile phones.

“Consumers are increasingly spending huge amounts of time with interactive displays and content from mobile to desktop and audio, and brands up with the growing commitment to digital advertising,” said Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB.

“Mobile captured more than half of total digital advertising in the past year and we can expect that the shares continue to grow.”

Advances in technology are driving growth in the industry, with access to great Internet speed and connection called growth factors.

From the point of view of a marketer in the digital ad industry argues that it can apply Analytics and artificial intelligence to huge amounts of data, and better target end-users.

While advertising is delivered to mobile devices now accounts for 56.7 PC of the total revenue of Internet advertising and charging forward into the digital online spend the income of the desktop rose much less quickly – up to 5.8 PC to $38.1 billion, according to the report.

The income of search and the income they provided in the past year, the bulk of revenues of Internet advertising, accounting for 46pc and 31pc of income online advertising respectively. Looking ahead, the report’s authors believe that new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice-based systems will create new opportunities for growth in the advertising industry. “Continued advances in the field of artificial intelligence and data and Analytics, will allow companies to create a more personalized experience than what we see today,” David Silverman of PwC said.

In the report, the ISI uses data and information from companies selling online advertising, public corporate data, survey responses and interviews with industry participants.

Despite its strong performance in digital advertising in the United States, in the UK there are signs of a Renaissance of advertising in print.

In the first three months of 2018, advertising revenue national news brands in the UK rose for the first time in seven years, according to advertising in the UK, the report of the Association expenses, vark.

At that time in the newspaper advertising is a good last quarter of 2017, reversing a seven year decline in revenue display, the report said.

Figures also show UK TV also posted relatively healthy growth 5pcs. The total Internet spend increased by 10.8 PC – engine search spending accounting for more than half of the profits.

“Online advertising formats – in particular, search and social media continue to overperform, but traditional media is also proving their worth to advertisers,” said James McDonald, chief editor of WARC data.

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