Dairy farmers face €800m financial problems this year – ICMSA

  • Dairy farmers face €800m financial problems this year – ICMSA
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    Dairy farmers faced with a €800m financial problems this year, ICMSA said.

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Dairy farmers faced with a €800m financial problems this year, ICMSA said.

He said that based on the Committee’s semi-annual assessment of farm incomes, Irish dairy farmers are faced with €800m revenue hit in 2018.

PAT McCormack, ICMSA President, added that the situation may deteriorate depending on weather conditions between now and next April, and it is only in the dairy sector and does not account for such a large income falls in other sectors of the economy.

“Let’s be very clear about the impact of weather issues in agriculture, as this is the last time of the year will not only hit farmers pockets, but will affect directly opposite rural Ireland and this is a question that just needs to be moved up in the agenda of the Government.”

He said that after meeting with members across the country this week, the level of anxiety and stress on farmers is unprecedented and at this stage are very concrete measures that will need to be implemented to enhance the prey base, and secondly, reducing demand for feed.

He said that the scheme of import of forage necessary now, as the fodder shortage is quickly becoming a big problem in the EU.

“If we don’t leave now, feed may not be available later this year.”

He also noted that the shortage of fodder on farms probably increase over three months at best left this year is alarming and the Government needs to put in place effective measures.

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