Cyber warriors cast of Sweden, the country in chaos on the eve of elections

  • Cyber warriors cast of Sweden, the country in chaos on the eve of elections
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    A familiar scenario played out in cyber space, as the Swedes prepare to vote on Sunday week.

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A familiar scenario played out in cyber space, as the Swedes prepare to vote on Sunday week.

Before what may be the most violent elections in the century, the state institutions and political groups are increasingly the target of cyber attacks that threaten to derail the result.

Has been distributing a new “bots” on Twitter that first campaigned for the nationalist, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats and attack the ruling social Democrats.

The attack pattern is already familiar. Cyber war erupted almost a decade ago in the Baltic States, and the election of us had famously turned to the burglary of the Democratic party, which led to charges of the Russian intelligence services.

There were also attempts to influence the election in France, with campaign Emmanuel macron falls victim to hacking.

The Swedish security Service is currently stepping up efforts to protect the electoral process, he told national radio broadcaster on Wednesday.

The Agency said that while disruptions gradually, not “major”, and said that not all raids are relevant to a foreign power or an election.

“We are engaged in media activities and incidents and will, in our intelligence work with others, attempting to puzzle together who is behind every action,” says Linda what, Deputy head of unit in the security police.

But the impact of the campaign also distributed worldwide in the form of fake news, according to police. The Agency follows an increasing number of international news about Sweden that “the country is in chaos.”

One Twitter account calls for the impeachment of the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan löfven, claiming that the leader of the social Democrats committed “crimes against the people of Sweden and its population.”

The status of Sweden as a country in Europe that has incorporated the most immigrants per capita is a favorite topic in Twitter with #swedenstan popular hashtag. Others refer to Sweden as “dumps” for multiculturalism.

While Sweden has experienced a rise in crime and lengthening queues at the hospital over the past few years, it’s still a highly functioning society that ranks at the top of most polls about life satisfaction and economic competitiveness.

As a beacon of social democracy, Sweden is a desirable target for conservatives all over the world. In recent years she has become a frequent punching bag in social networks and on the background of the so-called Alt-right news sources in their efforts to absorb a record number of immigrants.

The President of the United States Donald trump used his pulpit to portray Sweden as a country is in crisis overload of immigrants, largely based on its dependence on “Fox news” information.

On Tuesday, the Swedish defense research Agency published a report showing how Twitter bots multiply, to step up support for the nationalist Sweden Democrats.

Anti-immigration party rose in the polls in recent years. Some studies even suggest that the group, which has neo-Nazi roots, may become the largest in the elections.

The party wants to stop immigration, and drag Sweden out of the European Union. But its leader, Jimmie Akesson, professes no admiration for Russia or interest in the Alt-right leader Stephen Bannon. (Bloomberg)

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