Creating a last-minute panic security risk: demand and supplies apply extensions Gigi

  • Creating a last-minute panic security risk: demand and supplies apply extensions Gigi
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Farm work call for a planned and orderly expansion of agricultural animals of the earth-liquid manure date beyond the current 15 October deadline in 2018, and also mineral fertilizers spread needed outside the current 15-September period.

The Association of farmers and forestry contractors in Ireland (FCI), the national Association representing agriculture and forest land in Ireland, requested that the Minister of agriculture, food and the marine, Michael creed, TD., urgent and immediate attention to the need for consultations with the Ministers of communications, climate change and the environment, Minister for housing, planning and local government on this issue.

FCI with the request of the Minister for creed to put in place a temporary one month extension of the animal slurry land spreading dates to give a new expiry date November 15, 2018 and a temporary one month extension on fertilizer distribution date October 15, 2018.

This will ensure economy of the area with the opportunity, weather and soil condition allows to complete the land-spreading activities, for reasons beyond their control, have been reduced in the past two months due to the exceptional dry weather that the Irish farmers, and FCI members have experienced.

Richard white, FCI national Chairman, said: “to defer the decision on the extension of slurry and mineral fertiliser spreading time needed until the last minute will only increase risks to health and safety on farms in a year when we noted a very high national level of farm accidents and fatalities. Creating a last-minute panic and expectation that the suspension should be distributed prior to October 15 period, on the background of more than 10 weeks of exceptionally dry weather conditions, can be considered tantamount to creating additional and unnecessary risk to health and safety on many farms.”

FCI creed calls on Minister to put in place these crucial land, extending the date of renewal of the concessions for this year, in order to facilitate further significant challenges for farmers. FCI believes that the proposed time extension will allow our Contractor members to the farm to complete their land-spreading operations, in safety and with due regard to efficiency, on behalf of Scott customers.

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