Contests do not require a careful strategy or risk dismissal of the audience

Gifts are a dime a dozen on social media. Effective, rights, responsibilities and brand competitions, however—not so much. Cluttering your newsfeed with shares and notes, and popping up as an advertisement and organically from pages You like, they range from the products that you will actually most likely buy to that old chestnut, “winning RV” Scam. In this competition the white noise, there is a temptation to think: “if all this, what could go wrong?” The answer: everything. Competition can deliver serious ROI, but done poorly, can be a huge cost to brand your customer and ultimately your profits.

Whether your prize is a new product or a cruise around the world, businesses know that contests work, but they don’t necessarily know how and why. Proof? Some very sketchy tactics when it comes to legal issues, whip and platform terms of use.

Play well and nobody gets hurt

The first is legislation. A lot of companies inadvertently violate the law because they simply didn’t do their homework. The rules vary from state to state and sometimes depends on the type of contest you are working is the ability or the opportunity, for example—and the conditions of entry. A word to the wise: “I didn’t know!” is not a valid defense.

Second, that competition to clutter up the news feed because your friend shared additional entries? This is directly contrary to the rules of the Facebook page and risks to the business page and personal administrator profile deleted by Facebook.

There are many rules in social networks that many companies completely ignore. Yes, he could put them in jail Facebook, but, equally important, those, tag, and share competitions do absolutely nothing for your brand. Everything they do, except annoy your audience and poor friends of their audience, attract low quality students. They are also likely to get Your page on the spam radar under the New engagement the limitations of the lure.

Beware of the prizeof the competition can deliver serious ROI, but, done poorly, can be a huge cost to Your customers of the brand and ultimately the bottom line.

T&CS often fall in the too hard basket, which is an open invitation to professional compers. Yes, there are people who enter contests for a living, and you can bet that they will ask for money instead of a prize, for a product to be shipped to Mongolia or the free mini-bar and three times daily massage was included as part of their holiday. If you haven’t gathered several watertight conditions, then you have nowhere to hide. Indicating the inclusion protects you from annoying the winners are trying to get more through the use of spaces.

A well-planned, well-executed competition can provide exceptional ROI. Not to lay the right Foundation, however, and you are potentially exposing your client to a real reputational and financial risks.

You want to be in it, and your customers win?

Interestingly, success is not directly related to the value of the prize or promotional budget, but a careful strategy for competition. On the brand of the contest is to build cooperation at a rapid pace with key points on the brand. The abundance of gifts iPad on the market competition, bordering on painful, especially when it has absolutely no relation to the brand he used in the market.

The reality is that competition is not for every company or every brand. They are perfect for e-Commerce and fast moving consumer goods, the types of things that people have on their wish list, or buy on impulse, but they don’t always work on the basis of the company’s services with longer sales cycles. They must also fit the brand. For example, the aforementioned iPad can bring in thousands of requests, but how many of them will never buy ethical, vegan care line giveaway? Not able to match your prize to your audience, and you’ll just end up with a mailing and those who like the list is full of people who only ever enter your contests and never buy Your products.

Ensuring that competition provides for any specific business is a game of skill, not chance. They need to be well planned, well executed and must be completed through an integrated marketing strategy. The good news is that with a clearly measurable return on investment, you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaign, from lead generation to customer conversion. They have the potential to expand exponentially and super simple lead generator. Be strategic, do your homework and view free become the goose that lays the Golden eggs.

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