Conan will shift to the 30 minute Format next year in a new multi-platform comedian TBS Internet

Conan O’brien rolled up his night TBS series, Conan, night half-hour format next year—but that doesn’t mean that the comic goes online.

Instead, he prepared a new contract with TBS, which expands its portfolio, the Coco group in the digital and social platforms as well as live events. Supervise the extension team Coco, Billy parks, who was named chief Director of the brand.

As part of this evolution, late night TBS Conan show, which airs from Monday to Thursday, will shift from one hour to the “new, less-structured 30-minute format,” the network said in a statement.

“Since I inherited my late night show in 1993, the TV was changed exponentially. I would like to think that I have evolved with many of these changes, but now it’s time to take the next step. A half-hour show will give me time to make a higher percentage of Comedy from the Studio that I love and which seems to resonate in this new digital world,” O’brien said in a statement. “It’s still going I’m such a very stupid series, but I want the segments on my half-hour program to link to digital content, deepening the experience for my younger fans and confused my old ones.”

Later this year, owner and a group of fellow comics will embark on a multi-city tour, organized by O’brien. Team Coco will create a more linear and digital shows that Turner hopes will be presented to the brands in the spirit of clueless player, which has included dozens of integrations of the brand.

In a conference call with reporters, O’brien said when he started at late night with Conan O’brien 25 years ago,“ I had absolutely nothing to do with advertising,” but that has changed as brands chased him for integration.

“We realized that if you do it in a positive way, then everything will work out,” he said, pointing to the recent integration of the Burger king he did with magic Johnson. “It was really fun, the remote segment, and the fact that he was in Burger king seemed irrelevant. No one lost their souls in the process.”

Kevin Reilly, President of TBS and TNT and chief creative officer, Turner entertainment, told reporters that the linear Format of “limits” which brands could be involved in the show, but now they hope to attract new brands.

TBS-Conan will continue to travel around the world in a series of Conan without borders of time events, which already took him to such places as Cuba, Haiti and Israel. In honor of the 25-year-old Conan in late-night his directory with NBC’s late night with Conan’brien (which was broadcast from 1993-2009) and TBS’ Conan will be available in digital form in the new site will begin this fall. O’brien said he is still talking with NBC about getting access to his tonight Show library.

“This new venture with TBS will give me a platform to create interesting young talents and to find a suitable place for their gifts in a crowded and chaotic landscape,” said O’brien in a statement. “My goal is to be a Red Lobster, only instead of seafood we’re doing a Comedy, and every buyer receives a bib. I would like to make it through”.

In the conference, O’brien said that a half-hour Format will contain a smaller number of non-bonded sites. “I like the idea that the show can be anything we think it’s the best program in the evening. So he can Bob and weave”, he said.

Under O’brien’s “new deal” “the idea is not to do less content, but probably even more,” he said, explaining that the changes in the industry over the past few years “opened all these opportunities that didn’t exist for me five years ago” and that he “like more” than he has in years.

After reports last year that TBS will curtail Conan, Riley said at the summer press tour of the television critics Association O’brien – “at the peak of his career. He has the skills now on his feet to live and rehearsals”. The Exec added that he and O’brien have been working on a new contract that would “put a formal structure around what it means to be a person on the basis of an entertainer in this day and age on television”.

Reilly first hinted at this evolution for 2016 an interview with Adweek, where he noted that O’brien “does what nobody does” with his foreign trips, and he began to speak with the star about the multi-platform expansion.

“This may sound arrogance, but I truly believe that Conan will have the opportunity over the next few years to be the first true transmedia star,” said Reilly at the time, predicting that within three years, i.e. 2019—O’brien, whether on camera or behind the scenes “will really have a foot in different worlds”.

O’brien moved to TBS in 2010 after his brief stint as tonight show. A year ago, TBS announced that it has renewed Conan until 2022.

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