Celebrity RAM lives up to star billing with €4,200 sale

  • Celebrity RAM lives up to star billing with €4,200 sale
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    Ireland celebrity Suffolk RAM, Lakeview Golden heart, gives good dividends for its Donegal-owners Seamus brown.

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Ireland celebrity Suffolk RAM, Lakeview Golden heart, gives good dividends for its Donegal-owners Seamus brown.

The famous RAM, which has become one of the most expensive in the country’s history, when purchased for €15,000 – and that the later show – nonsense top price RAM at the Suffolk sheep society Premier show and sale in Roscrea Mart on Saturday.

Judge James Rooney presents the championship trophy Andrew Lucas.

Exhibited at Seamus, Park house, Listillion, Letterkenny, memory, engraved into second place in the open class of the Aries male champion and overall champion Supreme show, but sold Tyrone breeder Pat Donnellan of €4,200.

When the lake of the heart of gold was purchased, murmured Seamus “while most of the Rams there are some disadvantages, it does not have” and crowded ringside of breeders in Roscrea justified their faith as they struggled for their offspring on Saturday.

Three of his sons sold for €2,800, €2,000 and €1,900, with eight sons and a heart of gold at an average of €1,710 for sale.

The second highest price was €3,200, Susan O’keeffe, President-elect of the Suffolk sheep Society (UK and Ireland) received one of three sold on average 1,800 euros in Baile demand for Bpaorach, Annakisha, mallow herd.

Niamh Lynch with the female champion of the show.

In the overall standings of the exhibition was awarded the judge James Rooney champion Male from the pack and AJ & ja Lucas, Cavan house, Killygordon, County Donegal, and sold under the hammer of the auctioneer of miles Lambert for 2000 euros.

Group of three RAM’s went to three “identical” to the RAMS from the Shannagh flock of the Wilson family in Lifford, which recorded an average of €1,687 for the four Rams, the twins, including the sale, all bred sire, Lakeview Armani.

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While trade dipped in points at the end of the day as a whole was a big sale almost 180 ewes and rams came in, as rams and well-organized flocks of breeding and selling.

There was a gap in 65pc of rams, compared with 57pc in 2017. At an average of €892 was also higher than last year, when €11,000 with the exception of the best prices in 2017 are excluded. The ewes received clearance 77pc an average of €660.

John Doherty with his best RAM lamb sires THEY bred RAM.

The female champion of the show, five-star double ewe, exhibited at the Philip Lynch sea Bank, Castlebellingham, Co Louth, has headed production for ewes of €1,200. She was bred at Rookery Rodeo and one of the twins a sheep, the Glide of genes Cairness achievement.

The second highest price paid for ewes had a female reserve champion of the herd Jeffrey and Robert Thornton, Killyclug, Portlaoise, Co donegal sold for €1,000. Ewe is from memory, Rookery best of the best and half of the Gemini sheep, Castleisle.

The results of the Suffolk sheep society Premier Show & sale in Roscrea

Suffolk sheep society Cup (best Suffolk RAM bred in southern Ireland): John Doherty (Westown, Malin head, County Donegal)

Tant Challenge Cup (Best Novice RAM Lamb): Jeffrey And Robert Thornton, Killyclug, Letterkenny, County Donegal

McCulloch Cup (Best group of three RAM lambs bred by Exhibitor): WM J & R Wilson, Shannagh, Rafa, Lifford, County Donegal

Gibson Cup (Best Shearling Sheep): Jeffrey And Robert Thornton

Martin McDermott, Richard Wilson and Andrew Wilson with a group of three sheep.

Pool Cup (Best Shearling Sheep): Philip Lynch Sea Bank, Castlebellingham, Co Louth

James O’neill Cup (Supreme champion of show): AJ & ja Lucas, Cavan house, Killygordon, County Donegal

Fearson the Chapman Cup (Best Shearling RAM): lexi & Alan Kilpatrick, 2 Beechwod Park, Convoy, County Donegal

Arthur O’keefe trophy (open memory lamb class): AJ & ja Lucas

Single Shearling Ewe

1. Jeffrey And Robert Thornton

2. John And Esther Gahan, The Laurels, Barronstown Upper Grangecon, County Wicklow

3. Michael And James O’connell, Knockogan, Doora, Ennis, County Clare


1. Philip Lynch

2. Jerry Killilea, Cregcarragh, Claregalway, Galway Cooperation

3. Colin Watchorn, Beechbrook Lodge, Prospect, Newcastle, County Wicklow

Shearling RAM

1. Lexi & Alan Kilpatrick

2. Kenneth Bailey, Lismurtagh, Tula, Castlerea, Co Roscommon

3. Marie Ennett, Longwood House, Solsborough, Enniscorthy, County Wexford

RAM lamb Sired bred SOI RAM

1 &2. John Daugherty

3. Patrick O’keeffe, Annakisha House, Mallow, Co Cork

Recorded Class

1. Seamus Browne Park House, Listillion, Portlaoise, Co Donega,

2. WM J & R Wilson

3. Susan O’keeffe, Baile On Bpaorach, Annakisha, Mallow, Co Cork

Novice RAM Lamb

1 & 2. Jeffrey And Robert Thornton

3. Colin Watchorn

To open RAM Lamb

1. AJ & ja Lucas

2. Seamus Brown

3. Philip Lynch

Group of three RAM lambs

1. WM J & R Wilson

2. Seamus Brown

3. Philip Lynch

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