Brands not willing to commit themselves to set the risk value of the consumer loss

Addressing the needs of consumers means something different today than it was 10 years ago. We now have apps for everything, individual vitamins delivered to our door, a technology that provides our home on autopilot and every form of entertainment on demand. It may seem that the basic needs of the customers more than satisfied. But this is not enough for the world-wise gen-Z and millennial leaders who want to take an active part in improving our world.

These new generation have significant purchasing power and demand from brands. Your brand has many meanings? If so, you operate on these values or stand silently on the sidelines? For those that these consumers will live happily without you.

Although the product and the price is still important, we must recognize the emerging driver of purchasing decisions this generation: brands that stand for something. Seventy-three percent of respondents, and 72 percent of generation Z are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies involved in social and environmental change, compared with 51 percent of boomers. In addition, 70 percent of generation Z will actively interact with the brand, which could help them to change the situation.

They are also eager to talk about his altruistic habits. Consumer are automatically a dialogue about values in social more than doubled in the past year alone.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Large corporations are getting larger, our politicians constantly have us on the edge and we are causing incredible suffering on our surroundings every day. Our youth were loud and clear about their desire to help improve these problems, but they can. Like most millennials, I’m very excited to work on projects that take into account issues of social and sustainable development, and I try to buy products that support causes that I believe in.

For example, just last week sportswear brand marked made me look twice, as they facilitated their B-Corp certification in the fifth window shopping street, as I was walking to the shops, the brand I’ve been loyal to for 15 years. Johnnie Walker has served me in Instagram ad for month of women’s history to promote its partnership with monumental women in new York city, demonstrating its commitment to supporting women that have caused me to rethink and respect the brand.

But it doesn’t work for each category. Light beer recently drawn back to their classic light-hearted, upbeat content, after last year’s attempt to combine light beer with the desired message at the “climbing your personal mountains” fell flat, with deliveries falling by 4.1% in 2017. Context is king, and when you are relaxing with a glass of beer, you probably don’t want to be reminded about the obstacles and challenges lying in front of you.

So that you can trustworthy brands to connect with this generation of experienced leaders?

To review your brand goals

Prioritize your values what’s most important to Your business, industry and consumers. Often go back to that.

These new generation have significant purchasing power and demand from brands.

Ford motor recently shared his “Matrix of materiality,” the basis they used to determine their communication priorities, identify emerging issues of sustainability, innovative forms of industry and to set goals accordingly. The latest data from Forrester shows that 82% of companies are not familiar with the values of the organization, but only 67 percent have lived up to these values. It’s not marketing, that’s the fundamental shift we need to put into each thing we do.

Find out what your consumers care about

Through social listening and research to identify trends and insights that can solve your purpose and brand values to Shine in the direction of behavior.

Glossy blossomed blog Emily Weiss’ into the gloss. Surround yourself with women, discussing their views on the beauty industry, she gained invaluable information that has enabled them to identify market opportunities, to create her own line of beauty “real girls, in real life.” Leading from the point of view of pragmatism, sincerity and natural beauty brought her four-year-old e-Commerce company to evaluate $ 390 million.

To build a goal in your products

LIFEWTR, fast-growing PepsiCo’s water brand, which aims to support its slogan, “Inspire the mind, restore the body” has created a number of programs that support these values, in addition to celebrating and amplifying their work to each bottle of water. Since the launch last year, they set up mentoring and training programmes for women and artists have created inspiring projects like #ArtByAWoman that didn’t produce enough female artists (although 51 percent of artists are women, only 5% of their work makes it into the permanent collection). More recently, they are already working to bring art back to public schools where, over the past decade, 80 percent of U.S. school districts reported a reduction.

To learn, to share and preach your tribe at every opportunity

A few years ago I spent Thanksgiving in Northern California and, as a canadian enthusiast, the outdoor was excited to check out one of the first places of Patagonia for Black Friday sales. When I got to the store, I was shocked that they are not actually selling any clothes. Instead, they served hot soup by playing a documentary about the impact of fast fashion on environmental crisis and encourage visitors to buy a used or presented. It shocked me because all I ever knew about “black Friday” was about consumption, and one of the biggest shopping days of the year, they don’t sell you, and was, in fact, to convince visitors to buy less. Since that day, I shared this story with dozens of people and become a loyal champion of the brand.

To build a great product, stand for something and mean it. If your values and goals your spine, you are going to evangelize a tribe of loyal fans that will work for you.

The connection of these new customers, leading with their brand values will ensure that you contribute meaningful work in a saturated market, both online and off. You will be able to attract young talented specialists to work on projects. Plus, You don’t think you sleep better at night?

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