Brands hesitated from Marketing in social media, and they do the same thing with influential

Influencer marketing is that social media was seven years ago: the brands know they should do but not quite sure how to measure or even where to start.

Today there is skepticism of the authenticity of the follower and the number of fans, influencers are becoming more expensive and the legal aspects become more difficult to hold and control. Not to mention concerns about measurements, safety and that the legislator approves of anything that would dilute their influence. This is all in addition to the need to determine the impact that the brand is trying to influence and what they are trying to get out of it.

One of the most underrated benefits of influencer marketing for business results-is Content creation.

However, due to ongoing algorithm changes and Facebook reducing the organic reach, as well as consumer demand for testimony under phase of scientific research, impact, marketing can be very powerful if done well. When planning influencer and considering that for each influencer, you need to consider the identification, measurement, management and enhancement.


One of the biggest mistakes brands rushing straight to identify with ideas that they want to effect before to take a step back and determine what the impact of the funds they’re trying to influence and conduct research, who can influence them. We need to find the right people that are aligned with what the brand is ultimately trying to achieve. There is often a difference between influential people who are successful in raising awareness and changing perceptions or driving action.

Once this was established, it is important to determine whether there are micro-factors compared to the smaller celebrities or other macro-factors are preferable.

There are a number of technologies and networking in the iconic space that can be used to identify parts. Important things to consider when checking these partners in accordance with their capabilities to your needs, as it relates to measuring, safety, name (adjacency Content thematically and competition), management influences, the process and options for strengthening.


When social media became a standard part of media planning, the indicators used to measure performance were restricted to the set of engagement metrics that we now know is not tied to business goals. There is a tendency to use the same influencing factor, because many brands are not sure that there are other options.

This is called influencer marketing for a reason and thus should ultimately increase sales or other commercial purposes. Thus, KPIs and metrics should be linked with other digital marketing efforts as possible. Most often, the realization of Elevator research dimension name awareness, perception and intentions. In the case of medium or lower-funnel objectives, cost per click (cpc) and return on investment (PEO) metrics are the main KPIs. Whenever possible, select the trackers and/or site Analytics tags must be implemented, and reporting should be transparent between the influencer, partner or technology and the ultimate advertiser.


Sometimes half the battle is managing authorities and back and forth communication, creative review and approval of contracts and payment, which includes legal elements of disclosure around sponsorship.

When choosing a partner, be it technology, agencies and agents of influence of the management company, it is important to understand which parts of the process they handle, are responsible for and how flexible that match with the brand requirements of ownership of the individual elements. Often overlooked legal aspect, payment, management selection and support of the product and understanding how to create the conditions, taking into account the paid amplification of Content the brand.


One of the most underrated benefits of influencer marketing for business results-is Content creation. Often, at least some—if not all—of the content created by influencers can be used in paid campaigns and other collateral for the long term. However, if it is not included in the terms, this may mean that, after effect activation, absolutely can not use the Content in any paid advertising, including paid social amplification.

Influencers tend to bring very strong organic reach, which is part of their value. However, paid amplification of a brand or trademark on the name of the advertiser with a more targeted and tracked media than organic can offer as the result is normalized. Without this, it is possible to leave on the table.

Therefore, you should pay close attention to the content of the right to stage management. Paid plan amplification, including but not limited to the planned source (to be a sponsor of the post coming from the brand or influencer, for example), targeting, monitoring requirements and agreeing at the auction all KPI must be defined in advance.

As a social media space in General, influencer marketing is constantly evolving and growing in complexity and sophistication, but also an opportunity for brands. Ahead of thinking through all aspects of what is wanted and needed with a sponsor and which brand you really want to achieve is crucial to these efforts, driving real business results.

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