Brands create a virtual influencers who could make a Kardashian in the past

We all know that representatives of endorsers can be unpredictable. The wild antics can lead to negative PR and brand damage. What if you could eliminate the threat of the press Secretary off, but even pressing the massive influencer audience? While replacing a Kardashian for virtual authorities may sound like a dream, the reality is that virtual leaders and their creators bring their own PR and legal problems.

To meet Shudu grams and Miquela Souza. Shudu claimed as the world’s first digital supermodel while Miquela, also known as Lil Miquela, this is a virtual influence. As unreal as the maximum of the stock, they just online characters are fashioned from the artist’s imagination. Shudu was coined by the photographer, and the creators of Miquela’s secret.

Within a few months, they have collectively raised more than a million followers on Instagram. Shudu is positioned more as a work of art, like a dummy, but Miquela extends like a normal girl. “She” (its creators) posts pictures of himself with questionable friends on Instagram, argues that support for black lives matter and participates in media interviews.

Virtual authorities are working online a lot, like in real life do. Brands want to team up with them to use their fans. Even if they were not originally intended to be a brand Ambassador, with enough popularity, they will almost certainly attract companies looking for endorsement deals. Recently rocked Shudu Rihanna Fenty lipstick beauty in the Instagram post that went viral, and Miquela pushes Prada and Chanel, among other brands.

You probably wonder if the virtual authorities are so realistic and intriguing that they go viral, I really need to hire someone authority to market their products?

Whether this trend endurance or virtual bosses will be boring in the long run is another question. In the end, it’s unattainable assets, mixed with fatal flaws in real life people that support the public interest. Celebrity has a cycle. Consumers are known to pick them up, tear them down and raise their return. This imperfection, which ultimately creates relationships.

But, setting aside issues of longevity, there are many business and legal issues to consider before we can say that virtual bosses will put people out of business. Substituting digital creates for real life people just creates different problems, as we see Shudu and Miquela. If you want to experiment with creating their own digital construction or if you want to connect to an existing creation, here are some of the business and legal issues that must be considered.

The right of ownership to the IP

Virtual authority is the expression of ideas in the form of the product. And those who created the intellectual property will want to protect it, as well as all the generated virtual effect. For example, Miquela promoting Prada and has her own music on Spotify.

Substituting digital creates for real life people just creates different problems, as we see Shudu and Miquela.

With serious money issues should be addressed in the contracts, for example, who owns the creation? It is a brand whose virtual influencer pushes or the artist who invented virtual authority? If the IP was created internally, it affects how contracts emerge against him is created externally? You need to consider intellectual property issues when making decisions about working with external employees or to hire someone in house.

Moral status and identity issues.

You still need to include the position of morality in contracts, which can cover not only the virtual personality, but the Creator (even if they were not publicly identified at the time of conclusion of the contract). Among other things, these provisions provide protection and circulation-related issues of public relations Reputation tarnishment (blur), appropriation and authenticity.

Questions of anonymity are particularly important to the contract address, especially in the information age. Trust, confidentiality and transparency are issues that are top-of-mind for today’s consumers. The anonymity of the Creator or its absence is likely to affect the value of the virtual influence, and you need to build these considerations into the relevant contractual rights and obligations. For example, currently no one knows who created Miquela. What if her expose, and consumers are not appreciate who is behind the curtain? Clearance can cause damage to the respective brands, and this risk needs to be taken into account.

Creator Shudu is a white men’s digital creation of which was inspired by the real life African American models. Now he is faced with the cries of cultural appropriation that people say that he profited from the image of a black woman without paying one. Bad PR costs money. Brand Rihanna to be affected? He called the models which inspired it. He owes them a percentage of sales? These imaginary people can pave the way for real innovation in the field of IP law.

Issues approvals, including disclosure

As at the time of writing, the Federal Trade Commission (ftc) and other regulatory bodies still speak specifically about virtual authority. However, we may expect that existing rules, such as the FTC endorsement guides, will apply—at least, as far as possible. After all, as a virtual person has its own opinion based on real experience? The relevant experience of the Creator or operator? Note that disclosure is required under the existing leadership of the CDC, for example, “substantial link” to the virtual influence. You can also see the existing guardrails, to forestall what seems inevitable bodies or additional regulation down the road.

In summary, get practical-minded and creative lawyers involved early (and often) is important in the development of technological innovation, and this is especially true with this new virtual border authorities. From the beginning, there are business and legal issues to consider before even one pixel is formed. From idea to promotion, you will need to protect the reputation of your brand and Your company.

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