Beer delivery drones, noise-activated cups and dozens of countries: it is the largest campaign for Budweiser football for

If you thought that sporting events could not be more violent, the company is going to raise the bar this year. As the official world Cup FIFA beer for over 25 years, the company uses the international stage to demonstrate “to cover the world Cup,” which beer brand is calling its biggest and eye-catching football campaigns.

As part of the campaign, Budweiser’s parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev deployed brew-put drones around the world in a television campaign, bringing the cold from St. Louis, as the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, venue of the final match (no one knows how they are cold they got there). Action from anomalies will also include worldwide 8 million red light-up cups, which are activated by sound hurt.

“This world Cup is considered the most popular event in the history of mankind, billions of people,” said Brian Perkins, Vice President of global marketing for Budweiser in a conference call. “Everyone is looking forward to it as an epic global celebration.”

And Budweiser in the past dazzled the audience with high-tech cups as Bud light landing glass with bottle opener—NFL season FIFA the pioneer Cup 2018 noise-activated technology. Cups that contain a microphone and three LEDs will be available in stadiums in Russia, as well as parties around the world. Unique light design of the Cup also will be adapted for each match and come in 70 different languages.

“Budweiser is a brand full of energy and our entire campaign is focused around the idea of reinforcing a sense of euphoria energy that we see from fans only every four years the world Cup”, – said the representative of the company. “So we decided to create the first ever Cup of beer, which literally increases the fan energy.”

The company offered more surprises as the event nears.

“This is a rich integrated campaign, and we have a lot planned, from packaging to content, for fans in Russia and around the world,” added the spokesman. “We have an unprecedented number of integrated experiences in Moscow from our hotel the vine in the Bud boat, Gipsy club, as well as digital and social programs operating all over the world, including fan voting for the best player of the match”.

With its global campaign, Budweiser is not worried about the growing geopolitical conflicts around Russia. Budweiser CMO Miguel Patricio said in the conference that Budweiser is a beer brand that has long represented the world Cup regardless of the political climate. “For us this is not a political moment,” he said. “This is a moment that unites the world around football.”

The company introduced a 90-second broadcast spots, including one that shows the cartoon-ish weak drone “Bud 1876” struggling with obstacles and dizzying futuristic background to be ultimately United with a satisfied fan. Advertising, which will also be broadcast in 15 – and 30-second versions, will operate in 50 countries and through social media channels.

Ads FIFA Budweiser will be noticeably missing in the United States, despite a major market for the company, because the countries can’t bid to host the 2018 world Cup. Television ratings are likely to be lower without the presence of the owners and the company, and will not be aimed at other established and emerging markets for their beverages, including South Africa, Colombia, Nigeria, Ecuador, and Peru, Perkins explained to ad Age.

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