Auntie Anne’s launches clothing line for pretzel lovers everywhere

It turns out Auntie Anne’s 30 this year, and to celebrate, he created an extensive apparel and accessories complete with shirts, yoga bags and mugs. The line also debuts just in time for national pretzel day on April 26.

Prices on “for the love of Pretzels” line is quite reasonable; the mug costs $13, while the fitted tee runs $20. But for those who may be struggling to justify spending hard earned money on a pretzel clothing, take heart in the fact that aunt Ann will donate all proceeds of its national charity partner of Fund a lemonade stand Alex, to support children with cancer.

“Over the past 30 years, we have established a close relationship with our loyal fans around the world. Now, for the first time, these fans can demonstrate their love to aunt Ann, wearing our clothes, as well as the contribution to the fight against childhood cancer,” aunt Ann President Heather Neary said in a statement, adding that the line will be “a ton of fun for a great cause.”

Brand pretzel are working with a number of artists to bring the entire collection, including about 50 pieces, including shower curtain and a rug in the bathroom of life. Mike Perry Studio designed hand-painted Fanny pack, which is available exclusively through free social media graphic designer and Illustrator Daniel Allen Stevens has created a “twisted day” print, while Rick crane made “pretzel heavenly” products.

Auntie Anne’s is the latest in the line of food and candy to get into the product business. Last week, Starburst released a line of pink Starburst inspired threads. Prior to that, the brand candy trolls puree food and candy, and KFC is in the apparel and home goods.

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