As the boundaries of communications Added $ 4 million with direct mail

Direct mail is far from dead—at least, if you are a Telecom company that relies on people often move to sign up for new services. As more groups like young people, in particular, to jump from apartment to apartment, direct mail can be even investment growth for brands. But this does not mean that corporate mail, zahlamlenie mailboxes are as effective as they could be.

That’s why frontier communications is a telecommunications service company 29 States doubles down on data. Over the past year, the border has integrated all of its data from voice calls and Internet search Invoca marketing cloud to better understand how marketing (which relies heavily on direct mail) affects the way consumers sign up for Internet, television and telephony.

Here’s how it works: the border analyzes thousands of attributes from search queries and voice calls, as a person and what information they are looking for to assess that the person is interested in converting and signing up for services, which then enter in the Invoca platform. While the boundaries do not record the content of telephone calls, it can determine the location of the person and the topic of conversation. From there, the brand stitches together statistics from direct mail campaigns to see which pieces of mail a call request or an online search. These data can also be used to configure how often the company sends a mail, from once a month to twice a month.

“We can see the increase in traffic culling through the different groups and determine which attributes have the sense and the likelihood that someone will react to a particular work [direct mail,]” explained Brian Flores, assistant Vice President for media and analysts in cross-border ties. “It is quite a complex matrix of attributes, [helped us determine] over time, which can offer your mail and exactly what to market to them”.

Boundary maps of its clients in seven different types of person, based on more detailed attributes. One person, for example, dubbed the “media-maximizers” and describes people who have a established income, but not willing to spend money on digital services, such as network instead of watching a linear video on a TV. Another person set identificeret people who live in cities and have a few operators from which to choose, suggesting that they could be in the market for deals.

All told, frontier, argues that the work of segmentation of consumers created in additional revenues in the period from April to October of last year, $ 4 million. Stock prices increased by 68 percent, while the cost sales dropped by 58 percent.

Now, the boundaries of communications is working to automate the manual process of selection of attributes using artificial intelligence.

“You don’t even have to determine what key words are being spoken, or what phrases you want to listen,” said Julia gadar, Vice President of marketing company Invoca, explaining how call-tracking technology. “When you can combine the demographic profile that the user, with the purpose to why they call, she gives a much more complete picture of why the person is calling and gives the call center is much more informed and relevant conversation.”

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