As the Blockchain can help brands to identify Power users and maximum social interaction

Blockchain is the latest craze technology, many industries, including marketing and advertising, are looking to implement it in order to improve transparency and efficiency.

To determine whether the blockchain is something that can have a positive impact on your marketing efforts, it is important to first understand what the blockchain is and what aspects of a marketing campaign can get the maximum benefit from technology.

For those who have the levers, incentives, marketing areas where digital compensation is provided in exchange for social shares, the blockchain could provide a more accurate, detailed understanding of where the posts come from and the extent of their achievements. Instead of watching the exchange of cryptocurrency between users, the blockchain, the network marketing sense, delivers a clearly defined “road map” of the entire exchange process from start to finish, helping to determine which posts and users helped to obtain maximum exposure.

The blockchain not only for cryptocurrency

First, it is important to forget each blockchain conception you have, as its use for marketing purposes—in particular, in stimulated areas of marketing campaigns—it is much easier to understand.

In its simplest form, the blockchain is a Ledger that tracks the digital currency people are buying. People see where the money comes from and where it applies, which allows users to track the flow of cryptocurrency, how it is passed back and forth among users through the digital sphere.

For marketing efforts, instead of tracking the exchange of crypto-currencies, brands have the ability to track the exchange of digital rewards that brands offer to users in exchange for social shares your brand messaging. These rewards can be in monetary form of coupons or discounts, or as a free download or participate in a larger contest or sweepstakes.

When the digital award rasplachivaetsya through social networks in a personal area network user, award compensation, tracked, unlike cryptocurrencies.

It’s a win-win for consumers and brands as a compensation, as a rule, low cost, high value of the consideration that consumers are interested in, so that they will share with their audiences.

Digital Ledger, the blockchain creates a road map for social media success

Social media marketing is a challenge because of the saturation of content in the user flows and constant platform changes, the priority of the content consumer for the content of the brand. Now, brands coaxing ordinary users to share their brand message to encourage to set a digital reward.

Because of this, brands are still able to reach the right users to the streams of social media, and consumers to immediately release a digital reward that is of value to them. This is a proven tactic, but like all other marketing strategies, the emergence of new high-tech tools allows you to increase the effectiveness of targeted efforts, giving teams to increase their impact.

Add the blockchain in these campaigns provides value through the ability to create digital books. Before the introduction of the blockchain, all of these campaigns could raise a considerable amount of data about the interaction, including the number of shares in exchange for rewards, where social investors around the world are built, which platforms they use most, and how many people clicked through to the brand website to purchase the product being promoted.

All these data can be useful in determining how effective a campaign or. However, one data point that this tactic is not enough to determine who the key “holders of power” happened and when the key events of the exchange.

How to use books blockchain to identify “power users”

Power conditioners are users of social media that are most effective in other and outside of their networks for the exchange of Messages of the brand. These are the users that have the potential to create a viral response and engagement not just likes and shares, which helps to brand the message to the masses. Instead of just retweeting a message, these users can create a message that their network is highly responsive and piques their interest.

As for the key events in the exchange process, they include, when the message reaches a new social site or even a new country due to the organic exchange. These events have been preserved as time-stamped blocks in the chain. Studying written Ledger of transactions, brands to obtain a more complete picture of the achievements of one user’s post.

The integration of blockchain technology directly in digital award-winning brand and social marketing referral platform can help track the whole process and identify where each action in the program originated from and was directed to identify these key moments and people. Integration also makes it easier as all the data on the shares included in the blockchain information can be integrated and managed on one platform, for marketers, for reference.

While the blockchain for marketing is still growing, now is the time to learn more about the technology and determine which apps may be most useful in campaigns. The technology may be new, but the value that the blockchain brings to the campaign with his ability to identify key users and events, it is clear that you can use from many brands.

Herman DeBoard is the Director of marketing in the social referral marketing platform Grabbr.

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