As China tries to become a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence

China’s ambition in the field of artificial intelligence irrepressible. Fear that China lags behind the United States (the current leader in this area), government officials outlined a plan last summer to make the country an uncontested force in the world of AI in the next decade.

A variety of metrics, China is already tipping scale.

Ay patent materials in China is almost three times between 2010 and 2014 compared with the previous five years, while Chinese investment amounts to 48 per cent of global funding start-AI. According to CB insights, is based on a keyword search of abstracts and titles in 2017 China is far ahead of America in AI-related patent publications: for “deep learning”, 652, compared to 101; for “artificial intelligence”, 641 130; for “machine learning” about 770 882.

Technology giants such as baidu added sites in Silicon valley to attract the mA depth of talent which corresponds to their purposes. Alibaba recently announced plans to invest $15 billion in research laboratories around the world (countries include USA, Russia, Israel and Singapore); the money is intended for direct service of local brands and technology clusters with homegrown AI applications intelligence, the Internet of things, financial technology, quantum computing, and the interaction of man and machine.

Moreover, the Chinese government has made AI-driven education is the cornerstone of the national strategy. Scientists and politicians are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence, education reform in China and social studies, as well as the upgrading of classrooms. According to research firm it is orange, education and research ranks third behind medicine and vehicles between the sectors, which paved the way for unprecedented change due to AI.

The Chinese government has made AI-driven education, the cornerstone of the national strategy.

Companies such as hujiang, a leading online education website, are the embedding of images and speech recognition tools in their teaching to improve student-teacher interactions.

Even more interestingly, while well-known players like tencent and alibaba with respect to AI as the ability to stay ahead of foreign competitors, the average Chinese firm lacks the ay brand and name recognition overseas, hoping to lure new customers in Western markets.

To shift the balance to the East, they must first prove that they can cooperate and compete on equal terms with leading us players such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web services.

GTCOM is one of those firms medium AI want America to strengthen their capacity and compete on the big stage.

The company provides a global, cross-language, intelligent solutions for companies in dozens of industries, processing of 120 million pieces of data from more than 112 countries. Platform min 30 million news articles and 500 million pieces of social data per day. Since 2014, he has accumulated tens of billions of rows of data from social networks, ecommerce websites, forums and blogs in over 60 languages. The company has grown rapidly despite the absence of the site. Last year it invested $ 45 million in research and development and $12 million in the algorithm natural language processing (NLP), which supports more than 30 languages and over 900 language pairs.

Last month, CEO GTCOM Eric Yu attended the summit in new York on AI education and research to take the plunge for the cover of his company in the United States and its ability to achieve the growth, dominance, and scale outside of mainland China. His main motivation was to introduce the company’s new global partner program, which focuses on local channels, distributors and Resellers, and consulting and market research firms, PR agencies and professional and financial services.

During the discussion, Yu confirmed that GTCOM has made “significant progress on the American market”. He added that in 2017, GTCOM successfully launched JoveBird, big data platform, which provides an analysis of export data, market alerts and automatic cross-language treatment services to investment companies, rating agencies and commercial and investment banks. JoveBird has entered technology partnerships with Amazon, Cisco and Union pay. The company promised to establish their branches in new York and Silicon valley to support their American partners and customers.

GTCOM has also recently introduced JoveEye, intelligent research Platform that enables academics and scientists to conduct in-depth research in specialized fields; it also facilitates the transfer of technology between units of the University for the assessment of patents, licenses and appeal data. “Today, researchers and innovators should be informed about intellectual property long before their immersion in special research,” said Yu at the summit. “This is an area that JoveEye will help academic institutions, experts in the field of R & d and intellectual property professionals to make better business decisions research data at their fingertips.”

What distinguishes GTCOM apart, in addition to the extensiveness of its data collection capability? Yu is quick to emphasize the ability of the algorithm NLP to understand human emotions. Technology helps machines to understand the happiness, anger and so on.

“It’s like raising kids to understand the world,” he said. “I believe that we offer computers with the textbooks. The tags for each mood, we have to use millions case with a high quality feed in our model and to perform the training process again and again. This is the only way to ensure the accuracy and relevance of mood”.

AI technology in a new age for science and education. And if you end up being China, owning the greatest influence on her future, GTCOM can play a key role.

When asked whether the hard line of the current Administration on us-China trade relations may prevent the implementation of plans GTCOM, Yu adopted a diplomatic tone. He rejected the idea that the AI can be a battleground, moving that China’s rapid development in it, 5g networks, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence tries to keep up with Europe, Japan and the United States: “we know that there is a hostile climate, but we are focused on compliance with international rules and regulations in the overseas market. And while we are able to compete in a fair environment, we hope to build more partnerships with international brands and organizations.”

AI technology in a new age for science and education. And if you end up being China, owning the greatest influence on her future, GTCOM can play a key role.

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