Arnold global CEO pam Hamlin retires after 20 years

Around the world today, Arnold announced that the global Director pam Hamlin will be that after more than two decades.

Managing partner, CFO, Director of global operations and 25-year-old Arnold vet Scott Feyler also leave in Boston, the Havas-owned network.

“After two decades of leading Arnold through many chapters of its evolution, pam Hamlin has decided to step down from his role of CEO at the end of this year”, – said the representative of the company in the statement, which also noted that the outgoing leader has devoted “most of his career” to the Agency. “We are deeply grateful to pam for her amazing dedication and commitment of the Agency and are proud of what Arnold has achieved under her leadership.”

The statement also said, Hamlin will remain on Arnold “at the end of this year,” chief creative Director icaro doria and other leaders to provide “a very thoughtful succession and transition process”.

Feyler will be released in mid may to begin an unspecified new job. “We have a huge appreciation for 25 years of service Scott Arnold and wish you only good things in his future endeavours,” said the source.

“I’m truly proud of what we have achieved together over the years and had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in the business.”Pam Hamlin, Executive Director of Global, Arnold worldwide

“During this 20-year milestone, I decided that this is the right time to explore what’s next for me and for the new leadership to take the Agency forward,” said Hamlin in a separate statement. “Arnold is the beginning of an exciting Chapter under the Icaro, which was a valuable employee of the Agency, helping to shape the vision of contemporary creativity in a changing environment where important ideas have never been more valuable.”

The representative of the Agency confirmed that Arnold is actively seeking her replacement.

“It was an incredible journey,” said Hamlin to her work with Arnold. “I’m truly proud of what we have achieved together over the years and had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in the business. I can’t wait to watch the next Chapter of Arnold”.

Havas North America CEO and President Paul Marobella Thanked Hamlin for “decades of service not only Arnold, but also the “Havas”,” wishing him “incredible success and satisfaction in her next adventure.”

About the plans of the Agency, he said, “creative network Arnold will continue the glorious tradition of creativity under the supervision of Icaro Doria not only in Boston but in new York and around the world. … We have full confidence in a bright future.”

Doria left the base to conduct creative in Arnold in August last year, four months after his predecessor, Jim Elliot, retired. This occurred against the backdrop of a major restructuring of the North American network Havas is. As the parent company Arnold moved to a model of regional leadership, the President and creative Marobella Jason Peterson was appointed to oversee their creative agencies, with Hamlin reporting directly to them.

Hamlin joined Arnold as managing partner and Director of account management in 1998, leading his relationship with ocean spray, Gillette, Royal Caribbean and other clients. She was promoted to President of its Boston headquarters in 2006 and the global President and CEO seven years later and was named CEO in 2015.

Over the past year, Arnold has parted with some of their biggest customers. Carnival Cruise lines began an investigation in may and later went to the anomaly at the time as Hershey ended a 12-year relationship with the shop in August last year during a consolidation. Other major accounts include Jack Daniels, progressive and the jeep, which the Agency was created “Anti-Manifesto” ad super bowl LII.

Arnold confirmed in December that she went through a stage of “personnel changes”, which affected approximately 30 people, as his contract with the Carnival came to an end and the cosmetics giant Koa moved to the TV-project relationship.

Press Secretary of the Agency refused today to comment on the reports about additional layoffs at the headquarters of the Agency in recent weeks.

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