Ads Burger king will be taken in the garden of the heads of McDonald’s, pointing out their mansions on the grill

Burger king and its agencies are always looking for creative, attention-grabbing ways of highlighting that the burgers of the grill, not a flat pan used by most competitors.

In the latest print campaign, from creative Agency David in Miami, Burger king information, photos of mansions formerly owned by McDonald’s managers, from the fact that each owned a patio grill (assuming that the outdoor layout has not changed since they owned the houses).

“The flame of the grill is hard to resist,” notes a copy to place next to each grill.

It’s a bit more subtle than the many awards David Miami “burning stores campaign” that showed the flaming husk of the actual location of “Burger king”, with the slogan “flame grilled in 1954.” But for those who appreciate good marketing shots from competitors, the new campaign is a good example of how to finish, not bringing it up to full Wendy.

The new ads will work in the South Florida Sun times Hamburg reporter (Iowa), Palestine (TX) Herald-press, Laguna beach independent, Chicago sun times and new York daily news. The Agency did not specify why these particular points were chosen. Perhaps the houses in question can be found there? We will update if we hear back.

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