Adrian Weckler: warning – watching you through the phone, even if you tell him to stop

  • Adrian Weckler: warning – watching you through the phone, even if you tell him to stop
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    What is it About Google records my every location from tracking my phone and create a map of where I went?

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What is it About Google records my every location from tracking my phone and create a map of where I went?

A new investigation and found that Google records information about where you go and other location data, even if you think that you have passed required inspections of confidentiality, to ensure that it does not.

Follow me? What do you mean?

If you’re new to this and you have a smartphone (specifically an Android phone, like Samsung), Type in on your computer or phone. Get ready for a bit of a shock as you pore through the days, weeks and months of detailed maps showing where you were, where you were travelling and even the pictures you took in these places.

I thought we were in a new era of data privacy?

We do, but until Google you mark, will you allow to use your location data, it is generally consistent with the requirements of the legislation. If You can’t remember when you did this, remember when you first set up your phone – there’s a good chance that you simply put “agree” with a lot of boxes to go through the terms and start using your new phone.

Well, that map is a bit shocking. I can’t refuse?

Yes, you can, but the AP investigation found even if you do this, Google still records data about where you are.

It stores a snapshot of where you are, when you open the app popular maps on the phone. Similarly, automatic daily weather updates on the screen to determine approximately where you are. And some searches that have nothing to do with the location determine the exact latitude and longitude and save it.

The disadvantage to Google getting this kind of information?

At least, this lack of control over your privacy. It can be annoying, for example, if Google starts sewing services, based on things he thinks he knows about you based on the place you use your phone. Overall, a phone that has no location data privacy is turned off can be a treasure, if it falls into the wrong hands, sensitive information.

Why would someone want to retain this data?

Some people find it useful. For example, if you are looking for the nearest shop or cafe, having your location included, can tell you where to go.

I have in mind Google will always know where I am, even if I opt out?

It seems that with Google Apps that are difficult to avoid, means some form of automatic data collection from giant.

What if I want to refuse how can you not?

You can do it. On the iPhone go to “settings” and “privacy”. There is a line that says “location services” that you can flick on or off. If you want to leave it on some services that you find useful, it will give you a list of your apps and you can choose the ones you want to enable or disable. This is the same process on Android (Samsung and Huawei).

To prevent further tracking:

For any device: launch your browser and go to (you must be logged in to Google). In the upper-left drop-down menu, navigate to the ‘control activities’. Disable location history and ‘web & app activity’ and”. That should interfere with a clear location is stored in your Google account.

Google will warn you that some services will not work with this menu. In particular, any assistant Google, digital Concierge or Google home smart speaker is particularly helpful.

IOS: if you use Google maps to adjust the location of the option is “in use” application – this will prevent apps from accessing Your location when it is not active. Go to settings Location services privacy and select Google maps to make adjustment.

In the Safari web browser, try using search engines other than Google. In the settings of the search engine in Safari, you can find other options, for example, Bing or duckduckgo. You can turn Off location during playback, go to settings privacy Location services, Safari websites, and turn that into “never”. It still will not prevent advertisers from knowing your rough location based on your IP address on any website.

You can also enable Location services on the device almost completely out of options, services, location privacy. Both Google maps and Apple maps will still work, but they won’t know where you are on the map and not be able to give you directions. Emergency services will still be able to find you if the need arises.

On Android: in the basic settings section, click on the icon ‘safety and location. Scroll down to “privacy” Header. Click ‘location’. You can switch it on the whole device.

At the application level to use “permissions” to disable access to various apps.



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