Adrian Weckler: counting the cost of the technologies ‘UPS’

  • Adrian Weckler: counting the cost of the technologies ‘UPS’
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    Is Elon Musk a victim of the overly compressed modern working environment? Or is he just arrogant technology, “overlord”?

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Is Elon Musk a victim of the overly compressed modern working environment? Or is he just arrogant technology, “overlord”?

Last week, he gave a glimpse of personality.

In a tearful interview with the new York times, he admitted that he needed pharmacological help to get through constantly, the 14-hour workday.

But he also continued to tweet irresponsibly, especially about the “take Tesla Private”, which threw the financial community into a frenzy.

So who is the real Elon? And what is the role of medicinal AIDS in high slacker who can handle a 120 hour work week?

In Ireland, a growing number of those who work in startups and technology companies recognize the tendency to musk reaches for the first aid kit. “Often the choice is not to sleep or sleeping pills,” musk told the new York times last Thursday.

Zolpidem is a sleeping pill. The Commission, however, Tesla don’t think it’s desired impact on musk, according to the report, especially when he indulges in his nightly sessions on Twitter. Dependence on drugs, including stimulants, is increasingly common in technology companies, both in the US and in Ireland.

Cocaine, in particular, there has been a surge among young professionals seeking to expand their natural daily endurance levels. “It’s a quick fix to cope with stress or to give them energy to keep going,” said Austin to his own addiction counselor who is also on Board the Rutland Centre, one of Ireland’s most well-known centres for treatment of drug addiction.

“I hear people to use a couple of lines in the morning to get them going. People who are high achievers, professionals. They think that Cox would give them a few extra hours. It has become treacherous quickly fix that crept in under the radar at workplaces”.

Some statistics confirm this. The national drug treatment reporting system, which captures the cases the problem is drug addiction treatment in Ireland, showed a significant increase in drug abuse at work here between 2010 and 2016.

Eight years ago, a 15.4 PC of patients reporting in cocaine addiction was at work. By 2016, increased to 28.4 PC.

The median problem with cocaine use here age has increased over the seven years, too, with 27 years in 2010 to 29 years in 2016.

Research Council for health of Ireland’s track surges in work related to drug addiction in Ireland.

And it’s not just cocaine.

The use and abuse of substances such as Ritalin, is widely distributed.

“It’s nothing that will help you through Your life,” one tech Executive told me.

“A lot of people openly admit this. Most of the people I know who use these things don’t actually have a problem with it”.

Culture stimulants is stronger in high-tech companies than in many other industries. Walk in bathrooms some technology companies around Silicon docks of Dublin shows more than just toothpaste and deodorant. Intensely caffeinated shots also often have in baskets.

To be fair, this is on another level as Ritalin and cocaine.

But, it seems, more and more, to match with the pressure of high expectation roles that come with delivery million euros funded tech projects on time.

“I thought the worst was over,” musk told the new York times last week. “The worst is over for Tesla from an operational point of view. But from the point of view of personal pain, the worst is yet to come.”

Whatever benefit musk feels that he is getting with sleeping pills, it doesn’t help his reputation in Twitter. In recent weeks, he called the Thai rescue diver pedophile (he later apologized for it) and lashed out journalists and analysts who doubt Tesla.

He accuses him captive Tesla.

“There were times when I did not leave the plant for three or four days, days when I don’t go outside,” he told the new York times. “It’s really come at the expense to see their children and meetings with friends.”

At the end of June, he arrived at the wedding of his brother in Barcelona. He arrived there two hours before the event and immediately flew back to your factory Tesla immediately after it.

For some, it is an occasion of miniature violins. Musk is a billionaire that choosing is often impossible deadlines for their business projects.

But for others, it’s a parable of our time.

Elon Musk is Silicon valley’s largest and most creative star. At the age of 10 years, he turned a young startup electric car company, which is almost the same as Ford and Toyota combined.

He has created a space transport company, which now has the majority of commercial contracts for the supply of equipment into orbit, not to mention pulling off the incredible engineering feat of the rocket reusable. Along the way, he developed one of the largest solar power operations, sun City.

Tim cook, Jeff Bezos and mark Zuckerberg can sit on top of more companies than musk, but doesn’t quite have the sizzle and the Messianic mission of South Africa.

Thus, he inspires a Legion of believers – so his models are working.

If he takes on the Tesla model 3 or four times further from the earth, in the end it was clear, justify the means.

Pressure, deadlines and long hours are common in many industries, especially among young professionals trying to prove themselves on projects. But with Ireland referring to the technique in such droves, it can be a problem, we see a deepening in workplaces across the country.

It may be time for us to look at what our young employees feel that they need to turn in order to meet the expectations of the job.

Otherwise, we can see the distribution of more substance-the relationship between startups and technology companies.

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