Across the country, “target” advertising award for community engagement

As marketers, our roles have changed dramatically over the past five to 10 years. We’re not marketing in the traditional sense, just the message and the media, but in an expanded role that includes targeting, Advanced Analytics, experience with clients, learning machines, artificial intelligence, and more. Throughout this time, however, the role of marketers continue to embrace is that we are often the heartbeat of our company, the emotional expressions of our brand in the world.

Across the country, expressing “the Size of our hearts” is an important part of who we are. The legacy of our company is built on giving back to the community in which our participants, colleagues and partners live and work. It was the hallmark of our culture for more than 90 years.

When the whole country had decided to co-operate with the National football League in 2014, we didn’t want to be just another logo. We wanted to be a sponsor who made a difference in the lives of others. To be intentional about who we partner with across the country found that we can differentiate our brand by NFL fans across the country.

More specifically, we decided to become a sponsor of the Walter Payton NFL “man of the year”, which is named for the late Chicago bears and honors the player’s volunteer and charity activities, as well as best practices in this area.

One role of marketers continue to embrace is that we are often the heartbeat of our company, the emotional expressions of our brand in the world.

The Houston Texans defender J. J. Watt in 2017 the winner WPMOY, perfectly summed up the awards during his speech in February. He said that this award is about the inherent good that lies within humanity. Mr. watt said that time and time again, we have shown how beautiful that the spirit of man, and that now, more than ever, we need to see that spirit.

Mr. Watts charged listeners to ask themselves how they can change the situation. All over the country doing what we can to meet this challenge.

During the broadcast of this year’s NFL draft in 2018, nationwide will debut a new commercial titled “purpose.” Creative embodies how we feel about our WPMOY sponsorship.

The “goal” depicts the young NFL fan who aspires to play in the NFL. While he dreams of becoming a great player, he also expresses his desire to do good in their community and one day be named the NFL man of the year.

Our intention with the creation of “tasks” to strengthen the idea of serving the people and shed light on the heart, the charitable efforts of many players.

When the country began WPMOY sponsorship, we made a promise in the League, teams and players that we use our resources and creativity to help amplify the great work of the players in their communities. The “goal” is the latest in a series of nationwide activations for the support and promotion of the award.

After the formation of such partnerships across the country have donated about $ 1 million to various funds and charitable organizations in the face of NFL players, and gave players a national platform in which to share stories of their funds. We are proud of our partnership with the NFL, individual teams, and Peyton’s family in recognition of the giving spirit of others.

You can visit to learn more about 2017 Walter Payton NFL man of the year nominees. I hope you’ll read their stories and it will inspire you to go into your communities and doing good.

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