8 steps to build vocal skills, which is consistent with the concept of Your brand

If you are the producer, the design of conversational experience for voice can lead you into uncharted territory. Although we can not fully protect you from a few sleepless nights quality assurance, these eight pointers can help you get to where you need to go with this new and growing marketing tool.

Start with determining what consumers want that your app will solve

The development of the strategy verbal experience is all about understanding your users. Determine the need that your app will solve for them. For the first iteration of your app, it is better to assume that everything will be at least twice as hard as you expect. You need to choose a user actually solved in one – or two-minute conversation. Articulate how the removal of these user’s needs will help you to achieve your business goals. This justification will serve as Your experience and become the North star project.

Consult with and observe this need in the wild

You need to find out whether there are existing solutions for the problem you are trying to solve. If there’s a specialist in helping people cope with this need, say, a mechanic or a psychologist, ask them how they do it. Go into the wild and to listen carefully to the conversations in order to learn how to recommend a cocktail, find a good bar and listen to the bartender fills his mixologist magic. It is also very useful to start with existing material scenario. You have the scripts call center? Start with this and build tactics that your voice experience will help the customer to solve their problems.

Do not assume that everything goes smoothly— it is not and it will be rejected several times before it is ready for the big show.Nail down a happy path

From the start of the experiment before signing off, a happy path is the number of user actions, if everything goes according to plan. The map, what happens when the user activates the app and provides the perfect set response to every request. Happy journey must be made immediately code using computer voices at hand. This step is important, because sending updates to Google and/or Amazon early and often will save you from the headache deeper into the process.

To read the script aloud

As well as the value table for the film, to eliminate the technology entirely and read your script out loud voice among the crew. Hearing it read makes it easier to catch them, otherwise it would be difficult to determine.

If you can, hire a voice actor

Although technology is rapidly improving, it will be years before computer it feels really natural. Taking a decision on intonation (for example, what word to emphasize in the proposal) requires the PCs to make assumptions based on context, they have not. With the help of the voice actor adds a more human touch to your application, but also significantly increases the cost and complexity. Count how many minutes of the conversation must be recorded. If the application will change in a few weeks or months, is the talent will be able to come back and record? Don’t rush into recording until you are locked and extensively stress-tested the expected flow of the application.

Plan for three rounds of recording

Round 1 includes the recording of happy trails offscreen. Round 2 will include bug fixes and audio for your alternative flows the user. Round 3, where you will record any final amendments. You have to plan how close to the end of production, after replacing the sound can be done quite quickly.

To present a fragment of the audio early and often

Sending updates to a Google or Amazon early and often will save you from the headache deeper into the process. When Your application is rejected, your application will be declined—You can’t rely on the app reviewer to tell you why. To be submitted for approval with every major update to limit the scope of what has changed, and it will be easier to understand. How to enable alternate streams, keep sending your updates of the virtual assistant area for review. This will help to ensure that already approved the app as you are close to live date.

Do not pay attention to the quality

To recruit as many people as possible for test users to determine the friction points. You will use this critical feedback to detect errors, iterate through skill development and perfection of your project. Although you may be tempted to reduce or skip this step. Assistant the approval process Platform regularly ignores even the most glaring problems, and skipping the testing provides an opportunity for you to deliver a product that’s riddled with them. Align with QA team to verify ease-of-use evaluation and refinement of tests prior to deployment.

The creation of voice applications can be very happy—and challenging—experience for the manufacturer, because you will probably encounter problems, You can turn to Google to answer. Do not assume that everything goes smoothly— it is not and it will be rejected several times before it is ready for the big show.

It’s going to take weeks and weeks of stress testing and repeated, and many hours of testing. And if your experience is anything like ours, there may even be some strong emotions aroused intense work.

But fear not: You can create something never seen, never heard before.

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