7 tips to protect your brand from cyber attacks

Price became victims of cyber crime a lot more expensive than just losing the data. Cyber attacks can permanently tarnish the reputation of the company. Take the target breach for example. Last year target in the Central settlement from the incident 2013 $ 18.5 million when the hackers gained access to 40 million customers credit card information, marking it as the largest data breaches in history.

The consequences of cyber attacks can be devastating, but many businesses operate under the assumption that they are immune to attack. Although most enterprises implement some form of protection cyber-security, they remain vulnerable if not properly managed and supported. With so much information stored online, in the cloud and on mobile devices, it’s time to make safety priority. Attackers hide behind the elusive outdoor advertising and applications. They use malware and ransomware exploits their victims and attack their networks.

How many network intrusions and hacking of information we constantly hear about, and what kind of damage each causes of the incident to individuals and corporations around the world?

When it comes to protecting brand reputation, must be taken active steps to keep company data private and secure. So, what is the best way to protect your network from Internet threats? Following a few guidelines can go a long way.

Use threat prevention for mobile devices

Mobile threats increase in number and sophistication, resulting in higher than ever infection. Mobile technology has made network security challenge is much bigger and more complex. Organizations must ensure mobile device with an immediate threat removal and real-time intelligence, which covers existing mobile infrastructures.

Don’t assume your data is automatically protected

Although most enterprises implement some form of protection cyber-security, they remain vulnerable if not properly managed and supported.

When working with the cloud, it is important to understand where the balance of responsibility lies between the protection of cloud infrastructure (falls on the cloud provider) and data protection, which are stored in the cloud (client responsibilities). When data is hosted on the cloud, the responsibility to ensure that the information is secure remains with the data owner. Cloud services like any other component that needs to be protected through policies. In addition, back to basics and just have a strong password.

Always be aware of cyber attacks

It is very important that all users remain informed and aware of online threats. Users should always beware of malicious applications even when downloading from Google play. Look for comments left by other users and provide only the information relevant to the target application. Also be aware of malicious advertising; anything do not download if You are not sure that it comes from a trusted source.

In the last decade, the impact and scale of cyber attacks is rapidly growing, and regardless of the size of the company, one cyber attack can destroy consumer confidence overnight. Safety should be a major concern for modern business. The growth and popularity of online networking, cloud services and mobile devices continues to push more data outside of traditional means of protection. Enterprises must implement new ways of protecting information with an emphasis on prevention rather than detection.

Encountering cyber-attacks are probably inevitable, but to take an active security protects your network from damage if an attack occurs. It is in the interests of any business to invest in infrastructure 360 degree cyber security, which would be able to take on today’s fifth generation of cyber attacks.

To understand your current infrastructure

You know the crown and the risk of infrastructure and access points. Be careful what kind of information is stored in your system and how many. Whether you are a corporate or SME, any infrastructure that processes financial information such as credit card information can also be in danger.

Suppose that you have already violated

It is true that only the paranoid survive, but it’s a good idea to consider the internal traffic within Your company for a lateral movement of the infections and network segment. Even advertising within your network can you download the payload as the proposed service and start the foreclosure of your network.

Think of the hackers

Keep in mind that accidental compromise can come from the company. Details such as human error, malfunction of the backup, encryption, and social engineering is often overlooked when trying to protect the infrastructure. But these details can be as dangerous as the hackers themselves.

To examine the landscape

It is important to check on the safety of management factors such as authentication and user provisioning, administrative access, infrastructure, data protection and continuity of operations. All it takes is one Vulnerability among these items that leads to something more catastrophic for your brand.

It is important for businesses to educate themselves when it comes to several harms that cyber attacks can bring to a brand. With in-depth knowledge of own infrastructure of Your company, business could be better equipped to deploy the best solutions in information security, not only detect the attack but also to prevent also.

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