5 minute morning habit that makes my day

The morning was hectic. With two young children to control before starting work, I often come to my Desk, feeling like I had already worked a full day.

If I don’t do this one simple thing.

So “simple” – it’s a complicated word, because, to be completely honest, the “simplicity” that thing often feels nothing but.

This task requires only five minutes of my time, but often my brain is screaming (and very convincingly) that what I really need first to drink coffee, sit down, look at Facebook, put the Laundry on the line to get cracking on the list. You know, anything but that.

“That can wait, I have to remind myself. It will still be there in five minutes. “

But I came to pick up the days when shouting that particularly violent – as a sign that those other things can and should wait.

All this can wait, I have to remind myself. It will still be there in five minutes.

Then I’m going in the warm space in my house; usually on the couch next to my Desk, which is often drowning in sunlight.

Next, I took out my phone and do a quick Google search for ‘5 minute meditation’ and click the first video that takes my fancy.

Clarity, chakra, anxiety reduction, focus and attention building common themes and these three meditations with the themes that I use regularly.

  • Peaceful pause: take 5 minutes
  • Mindful.org: 5 minutes of breathing meditation
  • Mindfulness bell: 5 minute meditation
  • You read so much now about the benefits of meditation and the science behind why it feels so good. For me, it can be more relaxing than writing a to-do list, and sometimes just as effective morning workout – not so much high endorphin.

    When five minutes is done, I always feel better than I did before I started. It slows my breathing (often for the first time since I woke up) and as soon as I open my eyes, I always notice how much brighter everything looks around me.

    And that’s just the physical rewards.

    These five minutes give me again, and comparatively measured, a sense of clarity and focus. My tasks for the day are the same, but when I’m not meditating, I’m more aggressive – I was worried that it would be found. But after meditation I’m just a little more grace and focus.

    It is subtle, but it works for me.

    PS: for people with more time, I can’t recommend this 15 minutes is sufficient chakra meditation balancing. I use it before bed on those nights when I find my brain is still buzzing with activity and almost always ensures a good night sleep than if I didn’t.

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