360i printer promotes President Jared Belsky CEO in latest Executive shift

Today, 360i printer—breakthrough Adweek Media Agency of the year—announced the promotion of President Jared Belsky CEO. His predecessor, Sarah Hofstetter, will take on the role of the President in what amounts to the last place of the Dentsu-owned network.

Last month, the Agency promoted UMK Abbey class President its new headquarters York; just this week, former CEO and Chairman of 360i printer Brian Viner became CEO of comScore measurement company seeks to recover its place in the market.

Cool, Belsky and Hofstetter will continue to lead the organization, along with the MTR Menno Kluin.

“It’s such a energy moment for our company and the industry, with modern marketers trying to find the Type of due diligence we have always believed in,” said Belsky, who described himself as “honored to lead such a talented, passionate group of people.”

The new CEO joined 360i printer in 2008 after working in a series of marketing positions at the Coca-Cola company, where he helped to promote the brand Fanta, and Avenue, which later became razorfish V. During his tenure as President, he facilitated several large client relationships and helped to develop voice practice 360i printer while receiving a number of awards, including the industry in 2014 Adweek media All-star list.

“Our vision is still very much intact,” Belsky said of today’s news. “There is a thirst in the market among progressive CMOS for the integrated model we offer: creative and media together in a single, nimble creatures.”

He also said that the recent series of Executive-level announcements “planning assumption, which has been in the works for some time” and that it needs to ensure a smooth transition for all employees.

When asked how the new leadership team will affect day-to-day operations on the printer 360i, Sarah Hofstetter told Adweek, “the number one difference is that the team will represent Jared instead of me … we were supposedly working for the company for about 5 years.”

“I’m happy for our employees and customers to get even more exposure to his brilliant leadership,” she said. “One of the things I love about this Agency and this industry is that we never rest on our laurels. We are always thinking about what’s next”.

Hofstetter spoke about his new role as “more external”.

“If our Agency helps brands capitalize on change, we need to have a stronger voice in the industry,” she added.

Belsky promised more changes in the future and confirmed that the Agency is in the process of finding a new chief officer of the strategy to replace Lee Maicon, which was released last month McCann.

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