3 lessons #Mayochup fascination with Heinz that will elevate your social strategy

The fastest way to build up buzz for a new product launch? Move your focus group of social media before you start.

Recently, Heinz has developed a very successful social media campaign for its new product—#Mayochup, mayonnaise-ketchup hybrid to do that.

The campaign was designed to engage users from the beginning. The history of the company began with a simple poll on Twitter, asking whether American consumers were interested in the ketchup-mayonnaise mixture. If 500,000 people voted Yes, Heinz has promised to do so. After a very controversial response, Heinz wrote again, challenging fans to develop a name better than “Mayochup.”

The topic was so controversial that it has created an almost instant viral craze with hundreds of thousands of Twitter users. It is as natural scattered over dozens of media outlets, including Fox News, new York post, Washington post and GQ.

What amazing luck Heinz with these two simple tweets. In fact, this was a well planned strategy product launch.

The effort was initiated by VML, a global marketing Agency that transforms brands through Connected consumer experience. The success of the campaign due to several factors, including the direct user interaction, attractive hashtag and visual and cunning competition.

The good news is that You don’t have to be giant companies like Heinz to use lessons from its success in social media Mayochup#. Social Media remains an inexpensive way to launch campaigns and create buzz. What elements made this campaign was so successful?

It made consumers feel important

These tweets are not just to catch consumers ‘ eyes—they made consumers key decisions in the export of goods. Hinging the launch product of the United States in one tweet-the survey was a bold step, inspiring his supporters to fight for the idea and detractors to feel as if they could stop him. This is the smartest way to conduct a free focus group and the online discussion that people want to do.

The idea is similar to TV shows like “the voice”, the show “American idol” and “dancing with the stars” where viewers participate in the impact show. It is no coincidence that these series are a record high ratings at the time. There is nothing that people love more than feeling like they can affect the outcome of what they observe in real-time.

Heinz did not stop with the survey, either. From the original question hashtag contest naming at each point of interaction is built on the one before it, serves as a call to action for consumers to join the conversation, share with others and expand the campaign reach. This smart consumer rights brought others in the discussion, the further growth of the influence and success of the campaign.

#Mayochup memorable

From the graph on the hashtag, this campaign was easy to understand, remember and share. #Mayochup probably don’t even need “mayonnaise and ketchup” explanation for most people—you will understand what it means when you see a hashtag. The main way an equation in which a jar of mayonnaise plus ketchup in equal #Mayochup visually reinforces this simple explanation. Although the tweet was short, it includes many powerful shared elements.

The key is that the message was easy to remember and share, not necessarily that he was handsome. #Mayochup inspired as many haters as it did fans, which was part of the point. The purpose of Heinz and VML to create a fun shorthand to initiate a discussion, while providing the brand name Heinz will follow the story wherever he went.

He drew negative feedback

Perhaps most inspiring was the second tweet Heinz, who recognized the contentious aspects of the response while promoting those with a negative response to stay in the conversation and potentially engage in the direction of positive. Heinz was not afraid that people will hate Mayochup#; in fact, embracing the haters have made the whole campaign more powerful.

This reaction serves two different purposes. First, he maintains a genuine sense of influence that consumers in the conversation by actively engaging with both sides of the debate, and not only positive. It humanizes the brand and creates a more authentic experience for the people involved in the interaction.

It also helps to spread the competition faster. “Madvocates” are more likely to further word-of-mouth marketing, because the passion, which they feel is often stronger than the people who have a very positive reaction. Thus allowing and even encouraging passionate dissenters idea is almost a sure way to spread your advertising campaign more quickly.

Modern marketing, especially in social networks, it’s more about engaging the audience in a real and interesting way, and less about the perfect ad copy. Focusing on these clever ways to cultivate organic discussion is clearly working for Heinz and something all brands can easily try. You just need a meaningful hashtag, simple and fun concept and openness to debate and the involvement of users.

Chirag Kulkarni is Director of marketing for digital pharmacy Medly, and he helped companies like Expedia with digital marketing.

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