12 signs you should say no to clients

Knowing where to draw the line very useful as experience has taught me that a client who distracts you from your core business can lead to undue stress, unpaid bills, unsatisfied clients and the inability to take advantage of business opportunities.

Let’s say you are faced with a potentially good client, but they do not fit your current business operations. Consider whether the following are true, to help You decide whether you should say ” no ” to customers:

  • You do not have the opportunity to serve them.
  • Their culture (e.g., formal, corporate) are not suitable to your style.
  • They want results that deviate from their core business.
  • They do not appear to listen to your advice.
  • Their business or what they want you to do conflicts with his code of conduct.
  • The geographical location makes it impractical for maintenance.

The rejection of a potentially good customer who doesn’t fit in with your current business operations relatively easy. They can be assigned to competitors that may be better suited to their needs. This decision means that your business operations are not stretched, your competitors appreciate the direction and the client I’m glad you were able to provide them with an acceptable solution. Win-win for everyone.

“As your experience and confidence as a business grows, so will your ability to recognize customers, you have to say no.”

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But what about potentially difficult clients where the signs that You should not work with them more obvious. Such indicators as:

  • Safety and / or security.
  • They turn to litigation as a way of solving problems.
  • There are signs of cash flow problems.
  • You feel uncomfortable or your intuition tells you should avoid working with them.
  • You heard a nasty rumor about the organization.
  • They complain of work of a competitor who you consider very reliable.

How are you supposed to say no to clients in this case? After you have come to the realization that the client may be potentially difficult to deal with, I would hesitantly touching them and damaging the relationship you have built. I strongly stress that you should never burn bridges, bow out of the relationship gracefully with the simple suggestion that you don’t have a chance to now serve them. It can be unwise to tell the client the real reason why you say no.

As your experience and confidence grows, so will your ability to recognize customers, you need to say “no”.

You know how to say no to clients?

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