10 Effective Email Marketing Tips

10 Effective Email Marketing Tips

10 Effective Email Marketing Tips

With the increasing dominance of blogging and social media platforms, there has been an open questioning of the established marketing methods , using old tools such as Electronic mail, to the development and growth of the brand.

With the advent of Facebook business pages, Twitter trends, and SEO techniques, the business becomes increasingly relies on more recent, complex marketing initiatives, rejecting the previously proven email marketing approaches , which many seem outdated and unnecessary.

But to write redundant as a Marketing Avenue?

Looking at the statistics, there are currently more than 4.4 billion accounts e-mail worldwide, which is significantly more potential customers than Facebook and Twitter with their 1.1 billion and 500 million registered users respectively.

With more than 45 billion emails are sent daily, compared with 4.7 billion shares on Facebook and 400 million tweets on Twitter, a real opportunity for this “old” handout is quite stunning.

In addition to the statistics, think about the unconfirmed information. How many people do you know who have an account at Facebook? Or Twitter account? Or profile page on another social media platform?

You probably know not enough, but you also know people who don’t agree with the high level of connectivity due to social media, or the possibility of losing personal data. But ask yourself, how many people do you know who have an account email? The answer is almost everything.

In other words: Email is still the number one Avenue through which advertisers and companies can attract the largest number of potential customers.

And yet, this is something ignored by many. Don’t make the same mistake, use this handy, simple and inexpensive way to make your product or service out there, and you and your business will reap the benefits in financial terms.

10 email Marketing tips and tricks

Now let’s look at some of the most effective email marketing tips there to get you started:

To Create A Distribution List

Creating a mailing list is one of the most important aspects of running a marketing campaign email. With the master list of clients or customers, this is the fastest and most effective way to directly and personally contact the customer base is much less Intrusive than a phone call or door-to-door action.

It is recommended to use a company like mail chimp, where it is easy and inexpensive to organize an effective campaign. The service will provide an easy way to add sign-UPS to your mailing list through Your website.

Any automatic email sent to the customer after the transaction must contain a link to subscribe to your mailing list for future offers. Maybe even offer a discount only to members of the mailing list.

To Obtain Permission

This is very important. You must have permission to send email. The majority of the country’s data protection laws now require permission to send emails to customers on a regular basis.

If you get caught without this permission (which is granted by the customer signing up for your newsletter), then your emails can be blacklisted before reaching its destination, and you can be heavily fined.

Stay Connected

Constant contact is a must as it increases the visibility of your product or service and encourages repeat business. By e-mail once a week should be sufficient to achieve this goal.

To provide relevant and valuable information in your email and try to contact every one to his name to make that connection.

To apply the call to action

Each email should include a call to action. In marketing it means you are asking the customer to do something, whether to buy a new product or to participate in a limited discounts, all messages must have meaning for them, and not just a random case of ‘hi, how are you?’.

The Priorities Of Subject Headings

Subject headings are incredibly important. They warn the client immediately what’s inside letter. If it’s not something desirable or interesting message just goes into the trash without being read.

The worst crimes and those emails that are the same subject headings or, even worse, promise something that is not actually in the email. It infuriates customers or buyers.

Not spam!

Speaking of infuriating customers, one thing that will be sure to turn the receiver from Your business and encourage them to remove themselves from the spam list.

And regularity is the key, too many emails clog up the mailboxes of people, while recipients are less likely to read such messages if they are delivered in a constant stream. Stick to once a week and your email campaigns will be much more successful.

Integration With Social Media

While we have said that social media is not replacing email marketing, it is still necessary to use! To integrate your mailing list with your social media platforms. To inform people about your list on your page Facebook or Twitter accounts and encourage people to sign up for its limited supply.

Contain Links To

If there is no link in your email, you might as well throw them in the trash. What is the point to send marketing campaigns via email, unless the client can click on the provided link, taking them directly to what you offer?

Links, links and links. Remember this, and not only your products but your website and social media profiles as well.


As your list grows, you may wish to offer different services to different people. The purpose of the more likely to buy a particular product or service in your mailing list, creating different versions of your campaign.

Add Email

If you subscribe to the newsletter service, you will be provided with invaluable information that can change your performance. For example, you can see how many recipients opened a particular message and how many clicked on the link.

With this information you can improve your email marketing campaigns, using items and approaches that give you real results, and the efforts that are counterproductive.

Conclusion: To Continue The Study

This is only the beginning. There are many other techniques that will help you to use email as an indispensable marketing platform. Continue to adapt its approach and learn from your successes and failures, and in the end, your marketing campaign will be extremely effective.

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